Media: about a hundred migrants missing after boat crash at Tripoli

© AP Photo / Eman HelalСпасательная operation on the wreck of a vessel with illegal immigrants. Archival photoMedia: about a hundred migrants missing after boat crash at Tripoli© AP Photo / Eman Helal

About 100 migrants missing after another boat crash in the Mediterranean, according to Italian newspaper Repubblica.

According to the newspaper, the crash happened East of Tripoli. To date, the Libyan coast guard managed to rescue 14 people. Only the victim of the wreck the boat could be up to 120 people.

Europe is experiencing the most serious since the Second world war the migration crisis in the first place, next to armed conflicts and economic problems in Africa and the Middle East.

According to the International organization for migration (IOM), from the beginning of 2018 on 20 June, the number of migrants arriving by sea to Europe amounted to almost 41 thousand people died in the Mediterranean sea 960 people. During the same period of 2017 to the European banks stuck about 85 thousand people, 2133 migrants drowned.