The migration question cannot be solved in the near future, says macron

© AFP 2018 / Ludovic Marin, the President of France Emmanuel macron, speaks at a press conference at the EU summit in Brussels. 29 Jun 2018The migration question cannot be solved in the near future, says macron© AFP 2018 / Ludovic Marin

The migration question cannot be solved in the coming time, but the agreement reached at the EU summit agreement allows you to move forward, said President of France Emmanuel macron.

According to him, since the crisis came to Europe more than 1.5 million migrants. However, this year the flow of migrants decreased by 80% compared to the previous one, added the French leader.

«However, the situation cannot be resolved by tomorrow. In the future we will continue to have a significant impact, given the existing disparities between Europe and Africa, considering the demographic dynamics of Africa, given the various conflict zones in Africa and the middle East,» macron said at a press conference on the results of the EU summit in Brussels.

However, he stressed that an agreement was reached, which corresponds to European principles and which allows you to move forward. «This agreement do not regulate the crisis we are experiencing and which has a large political component, but allows you to continue to respond and react to the crisis,» said macron.

In Brussels summit of the European Union, one of the main issues on the agenda which was the problem of migrants. Document on migration, approved by EU leaders for the first nine hours of talks, provides for the strengthening of measures aimed at restricting the entry into the EU of illegal immigrants, curbing traffic and the creation of control centres for migrants in Europe.