The United States promised not to impose sanctions against the «Nord stream-2»

© Photo : Nord Stream 2 / Axel SchmidtТрубы for the construction of the pipeline Nord stream — 2. Archive photoThe United States promised not to impose sanctions against the «Nord stream-2»© Photo : Nord Stream 2 / Axel Schmidt

The American government promised Germany that they were not going to impose sanctions in respect of gas pipelines with Russian participation, said the representative of the German Ministry of economy. In «Gazprom» noted that the laying of «Nord stream — 2» will begin this summer.

«The U.S. told us that they are still abandon sanctions against the pipeline,» — said the representative of the Ministry. According to her, «that’s all we have.»

While earlier the United States had repeatedly urged European countries to stop participating in the project «Northern stream — 2» and threatened sanctions for those who do not go for it.

So, the other day Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said at the Senate hearings that the American government is actively working with EU partners to convince them to abandon the pipeline.

According to him, the consent of Europe to the construction contrary to the policy «anti-Russian».

«Nord stream — 2″ is one of several examples of <…> from the point of view of what we are giving Russia the opportunity to exert political influence not only in Germany but throughout Europe,» said Pompeo.

That USA vs the «Nord stream — 2», said his Deputy, John Sullivan at a meeting with Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

Deputy foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, for its part, stated that Russia remains concerned about the unhealthy situation in the EU regarding the construction project put a spoke in the wheel.

The Position Of Denmark

For the construction of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 must obtain permission from four countries. Germany, Finland and Sweden have already given them, but the Danish authorities on June 27 announced that it may delay the implementation of the project.

Relevant initiatives that will allow not only to delay but to veto the construction of the pipeline, introduced in the Danish Parliament.

«My position is that this project has geopolitical, European implication, and Denmark itself it can not solve. We have not decided when to make the final decision, and in fact it is very difficult to predict,» said Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen Lucca.

He also proposed to make the discussion of the project at European level, to seriously and carefully analyze all risks and the role of Ukraine as a transit country for fuel.

There is a solution

In «Gazprom» believe that the position of Denmark will not affect the construction of «Nord stream — 2». As stated by the Chairman of the Board of the concern Alexey Miller, the laying of a gas pipeline «will begin on schedule this summer.

«Yes, there is the issue of the permit Denmark. But there is a plan on this issue,» he said at a press conference.

However, as was stated by the Chairman of the Board «Gazprom» Andrey Kruglov, the company does not expect the increase in the cost of the project.

Director General of national energy security Fund Alexei Grivach in an interview with RT said that Copenhagen may deny permission for the project in accordance with the law on construction in the territorial waters, which was adopted after the filing of the application «Gazprom». That is why Russia is entitled to apply for Denmark to court.

Also added Grivach, Denmark could not ban the implementation of the project in an exclusive area directly adjacent to its territory. Thus, in his opinion, the construction of Nord stream in this region of Denmark will bring a lot more inconvenience due to the active navigation in the exclusive zone.

If Copenhagen will deny permission, Nord Stream AG2 will have to reapply with the new route. In this scenario, the grounds for blocking the project will not be, the expert believes.


According to political analyst Alexander Pile, «Nord stream — 2» became for some European countries an instrument of pressure.

He noted that the EU itself nothing with the project can not do, but country-specific, as the same Denmark, may.

«Why are they against it? Yes they do, they blackmail. And don’t blackmail Russia, and Germany. So they are trying to knock some preferences on European market – maybe a completely different type of goods or in the other direction. To have the lever of pressure on Germany, they need to be able to block the most important for the German project «Nord stream-2″. Those who oppose it, understand that Germany is interested in, and, respectively, for acceptance can be something from Germany to,» said the Pile was on radio Sputnik.

«Nord stream — 2»

The project «Northern stream — 2» involves the laying of two gas thread with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year off the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany.

Against the construction of the gas pipeline are some countries, primarily Ukraine, which fears to lose the income from the transit of Russian gas, the US is promoting ambitious plans to export its LNG to Europe.

In addition, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland jointly stated that they do not approve of the construction of «SP-2». Their leaders believe that it is a political project.

Russia has repeatedly urged not to take the pipeline as a tool of influence. According to Vladimir Putin, Moscow refers to the project solely as an economic.

The United States promised not to impose sanctions against the «Nord stream-2»© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Policylist would not overstrain