Divide, and then we’ll see. Why trump splits Europe

© REUTERS / Kevin LamarqueПрезидент USA Donald trump coming on Board number one. June 27, 2018Divide, and then we’ll see. Why trump splits Europe© REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque

The US President Donald trump, taking French counterpart Emmanuel Macron in Washington, urged him to withdraw from the European Union and allegedly even promised for that certain preferences, according to one American edition. Adds more fuel to the fire: on the eve of the NATO summit, the White house has sent to the European partners rather sharp letters, the contents of which can be expressed in three words: «You are going to pay?» The old world is more afraid of «unpredictable» trump, suspecting him of the intention to destroy European unity. RIA Novosti wondered if he had similar plans.

Messages with threats

Two unnamed European official told journalists of The Washington Post in April during a personal meeting, the American President suddenly asked in French: «why don’t you leave the EU?» And said he would then propose bilateral trade deal on better terms than the EU’s. Tellingly, the White house, this information is not refuted, although declined to comment.

It’s not the only leak, indicating a dismissive attitude of the current US President to the European institutions. For example, last week, speaking at a rally in North Dakota, trump stated that «the European Union is, of course, was created in order to use the Treasury of the United States». And before that, at the G7 summit, he allegedly made a similar pun: «NATO is as bad as NAFTA», — referring to the North American free trade agreement, «limbo» after trump demanded a radical revision of the conditions.

Relations with NATO are not better. Another American publication, Foreign Policy magazine, has shared with readers the concerns of the member countries of the Alliance before the summit, scheduled for July 11-12. Supposedly, Trump has managed to ruin a meeting «the seven» one «boorish tweet» in which the us President demanded to return to the club Russia. This time, instead of tweets he sent out letters.

According to him, trump does not want to destroy the EU just EU he doesn’t need, yet does not benefit the United States. This, in fact, is the whole policy. From this point of view and agree to the General Director of the Russian Council on international Affairs Andrey Kortunov believes that European politics trump no long-term strategy — we are talking only about the specific tactical steps.

For example, the trade war duties, which unleashed the White house, much less dangerous for him if instead of a consolidated European response, he will have to deal with fragmented and uncoordinated actions of many States. However, I am convinced Kortunov, Europe over and over again demonstrates that the United and it is still unable to resist the policy of trump.

«What is happening is not so much a change of attitude trump to the European allies, as the confirmation of his original positions. And the more Europe demonstrates weakness, the more he shows the power», — sums up Andrey Kortunov.