From Nizhny Novgorod to Turkey could not fly more than 200 passengers

© RIA Novosti / Roman to Vladimirovicha in photobacteria Strigino international airport in Nizhny Novgorod. Archival photoFrom Nizhny Novgorod to Turkey could not fly more than 200 passengers© RIA Novosti / Roman to Vladimirovana the image Bank

Atlasglobal Turkish airline has canceled a flight from Nizhniy Novgorod to Antalya, all 206 passengers went home, told RIA Novosti senior assistant of the Volga transport Prosecutor on interaction with mass-media Maya Ivanova.

The departure of the aircraft Atlasglobal airlines from Nizhny Novgorod airport «Strigino» was scheduled for 15.20 on Thursday, but due to a malfunction of the aircraft flight moved first to the evening and then postponed until 15.00 Friday.

«Around 16.00 passengers of the flight Nizhniy Novgorod – Antalya after registration carried in the aircraft, but to fly he couldn’t – the plane wouldn’t start the second engine. The airline announced the cancellation of the flight, all the passengers have gone home,» — said Ivanov.

She said that the flight was was 206 passengers, including 40 minors, among them eight young children.

In turn, the press service of the airport reported that after the Atlasglobal airlines took the decision to delay staff Strigino had to take care of the passengers, the rest of the day to wait for departure.

«Due to the prolonged absence of any information from the carrier company with management of the airport «Strigino» the decision was made not to leave people alone with the situation and partly to take on the responsibility of the carrier. The passengers were provided rooms for mother and child. All passengers were provided with food and refreshments. Many of the passengers were arranged to nearby hotels,» — said the press service of the airport.

«We are keeping the situation under control, but we are not responsible for the activities of tour operators. The tourists now, and did not get to resort, to obtain a refund of the entire tour from its organizer. Compensation for a spoiled vacation we should expect from the tour operator, which has established cooperation with the airline», — said the senior assistant of the Volga transport Prosecutor.