In Denmark, a native of Somalia, was convicted of trying to join terrorists

© Flickr / A. CurrellДворец Christiansborg in Copenhagen. Archival photoIn Denmark, a native of Somalia, was convicted of trying to join terrorists© Flickr / A. Currell

The court of the Danish Aarhus has sentenced 24-year-old Danish citizen originally from Somalia, Ahmed Halan to three years in prison for trying in 2013 to join Islamist group «Al-Shabab» in Somalia, reports the website of the Danish TV station DK.

«The court considered it a proven fact that a Dane of Somali descent have traveled to Somalia to join the organization «al-Shabab*to struggle for the transformation of Somalia into an Islamic state» — said TV.

According to the Agency Ritzau, the court did not establish the fact that Halan was trained in terrorist camps and received instruction on the use of weapons, but recognized that the defendant swore allegiance to «Al-Shabab»* and recruited new fighters for Islamist groups. It is noted that the man had not pleaded guilty, but the court sided with the prosecution and Halan sentenced to three years in prison.

As reported by Danish media the young man together with his family immigrated to Denmark in his childhood, from 9 years living in the UK. According to the Agency, at the age of 19 he became the Imam at the local mosque and started to teach in Denmark, the Koran.

Also, the court found that the 16-year-old twin sisters Helene fled to Syria to marry a terrorist. UK police believes that Halan could be familiar with the suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, who arranged the explosion at the stadium «Manchester-arena» in may 2017. Then 22 people are killed and another 75 were injured.

Helene returned to Denmark in 2015 and resided in Copenhagen. He was arrested last year in a joint operation by Danish and British police officers. Now Helene has two weeks to appeal the verdict.

Based in Somalia «Al-Shabab»* has close ties with international terrorist organization «al-Qaeda»*. It is waging an armed struggle against the Central government of Somalia and hindered humanitarian activities of the UN. The group made the U.S. list of terrorist organizations in 2008, in respect of it in the country of sanctions.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia