In Perm region a dismissed employee of the «water Utility» for «fee-for-rain»

© RIA Novosti / Eleanor Ernaleven. Archival photoIn Perm region a dismissed employee of the «water Utility» for «fee-for-rain»© RIA Novosti / Eleanor Black

The management of «Vodokanal» of the Perm Kungur fired the employee who spread false information that the utility take urban residents a fee for runoff rainwater, told RIA Novosti adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister of Perm Krai Andrey Krasnikov.

The head of Department on work with the public enterprise «Vodokanal» of the city Kungur is reported that the new line «ONE for the waste water,» which appeared in the receipts for payment of utility bills in may — not that other, as «rainwater flowing down through the manholes in the sewers». All service providers and homeowners of the city will be billed with additional services that cost seven rubles per month for each consumer.

After that On the state housing supervision and Regional tariff service of the Perm Krai has begun check whether «water» will charge consumers a fee for rain water.

«Spread this info was incompetent, and today he’s fired. In addition, on 3 July, representatives of Vodokanal and the city administration will hold a residents meeting, which will explain all points of receipt for utility services to no more of this ridiculous scandal,» — said RIA Novosti Krasnikov.

In the Perm region fee for obschedomovye needs for water will be based on the order of regional tariff service. The document came into force on 12 February. He claims the calculation of the volume of wastewater entering the sewer system. Fee for service charged to residents during the year.