In Sweden, from July 2 to expand the passport control

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in fotobounce Stockholm. Archival photoIn Sweden, from July 2 to expand the passport control© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

. Border control, valid in Sweden from November 2015 in connection with the influx of refugees and was extended to November this year, will be extended from July 2, it will also include airports and ports of Sweden.

«From July 2, 2018 the temporary border control at internal borders will be expanded to checks at ports and airports,» — said in a press release, the police Department of the country.

Border control on the border with the Schengen countries introduced in Sweden in November 2015 in connection with the influx of refugees. Last time it was extended at the beginning of may until November 2018. In accordance with this decision the police, in addition to checks at the border with Denmark, can carry out checks in other places with the aim of identifying not only undocumented migrants but also of suspected terrorists or other criminals.

In a press release States that control extended will be valid until 11 November at ports in the South of Sweden and in Stockholm, as well as at the airports of Stockholm, Gothenburg, malmö and other cities. Will also continue checking the documents of bus passengers and vehicles on the border with Denmark.

«When Sweden resumed in the fall of 2015 border control, the situation was different with a significant flow of migrants across the Oresund bridge and ferries of southern Sweden. Now the assessment is that picture of the threat differs from the previous one. Based on the assessment of the government, the police Department sees the need for the possibility of control in other areas», — said the responsible for the border police of Sweden, Patrik Engstrom, his words quoted in a press release.