In Yakutia, the ship ran aground

© Photo : Anna Galperina from the rivers of Yakutia. Archive photoIn Yakutia, the ship ran aground© Photo : Anna Halperin

The ship, on Board of which there were about 50 people stranded, the exact number of victims is unknown, reported the press service of the Ministry of health of Yakutia.

On the panel of the national center for disaster 13.00 received an urgent message about that in 135 kilometers from the city of Yakutsk in the direction of the village of kobyayskiy district Sangar ran aground the ship «meteor».

Ship passengers received fractures and bruises. The center for disaster medicine formed a medical team of physician-anaesthetist, physician, surgeon and paramedic for directions to the scene.

«On Board were 45-50 people, the exact number of victims is still unknown,» — said the press service.