Media reported that Merkel «destroying the EU»

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not a «Saviour of Europe», which it is a part of Western politicians, writes Politico.

Due to its response to the refugee crisis Merkel has gained a reputation of a «modern Joan of Arc», the brave defender of Western ideals from the onslaught of the populists, but in fact the German Chancellor subsequently destroying the European Union, its migration policy, not paying attention to the emerging split, says the author.

«Many former allies of Merkel not only Express concerns about its internal policies, but also ask questions that most of the German establishment is still considered a sacrilege: and if she does not break Europe apart?» — the article says. Recently, the reporter of the German state broadcasters ARD Malta Pieper turned to her with a call: «Dear Angela Merkel, you have almost 13 years are on the post of the Chancellor — and the only thing left to you from Europe, this hostile attitude. This is confirmed by all of your last meeting. Help, finally, to stop Europe turning from unity in the direction of split! Free up space in the office of the successor.»

This statement immediately caused «a wave of responses in Berlin,» notes Politico. The political elite in Berlin there are serious concerns: democratic institutions Germany is now not strong enough to save Europe, and to do so may «only Merkel.» And since the German establishment generally supports the Chancellor is likely Merkel will win in all the internal struggles — after all, no one wants it then was accused of «destruction of Europe» indicated in the article.

However, if the Eurozone crisis «has created cracks» on the continent, the problem of refugees has generated numerous «deep rift», emphasizes the publication. This time Germany has not offered assistance, and asked about her, but other European countries refused.

Merkel’s migration policy turned against her European partners of Berlin, and a significant part of his political coalition in the country. And when Germany tried unsuccessfully to cope with the influx of refugees, the Chancellor, which was like almost all, has become a political figure, which is disputed, the newspaper writes.

Even if Merkel is now «win the battle» in Brussels, the war because of its policy on refugees, and the battle for its political future, will continue, concludes the author.Media reported that Merkel «destroying the EU»© RIA Novosti, Infographiste and prospects of the European Union