On the Gulf of the Irkutsk water reservoir burned motor vessel

© Photo : Vadim Opracowanie. Archive photoOn the Gulf of the Irkutsk water reservoir burned motor vessel© Photo : Vadim Chuprakov

Boat was burned on the Gulf of the Irkutsk water reservoir, three persons suffered, informs GUMCHS in the Irkutsk region.

The evening of 29 June at the Irkutsk reservoir in the Gulf Arsovska lit to sail from the coast motor boat Yamaha. According GUMCHS the region, during startup of the engine on the ship was an explosion of the vapors accumulated in the engine compartment. On Board were two men and a woman.

«The strength of the shock wave fell on the girl, who was at this time at the stern. The water rushed over her husband. Her father tried to cope with the flames, but suffered burns and was also in the water,» the message reads.

It is noted that distress the family rushed others of the court. Witnesses rescued the men and towed the vessel to shore. Attempts to extinguish the fire fail – fire destroyed a motor boat.

Employees of the transport police arrived on the scene and brought the injured to the ambulances.

Emergency workers are going to encourage all citizens who participated in the rescue operation.

Earlier it was reported that on the morning of June 29 at the Hangar lit up the ship «Barguzin». The team managed to return the boat to the dock and unload the passengers.