Russia filed a lawsuit with the WTO over U.S. duties on steel and aluminum

© AFP 2018 / Fabrice CoffriniШтаб-apartment world Trade Organization in Geneva, SwitzerlandRussia filed a lawsuit with the WTO over U.S. duties on steel and aluminum© AFP 2018 / Fabrice Coffrini

Russia filed a lawsuit to the world trade organization, appeal an additional US tariff on steel and aluminium, said the Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin.

«The cause of action were numerous violations of WTO rules, committed by the United States with the introduction of this measure. In addition to Russia, claims to the United States earlier sent to China, India, European Union, Canada, Mexico and Norway», — quotes the Minister a press-service of the Ministry.

The first stage of dispute resolution involves consultation between the parties to enable them to settle differences.

«If in the course of consultations such ways will not be found, Russia will be able to address the WTO with the request for the establishment of the arbitration panel for the dispute,» — said Oreshkin.
Duties on steel and aluminum

At the end of March, the US imposed import duties on steel supplies to the amount of 25 percent and aluminum to ten percent, including from Russia. Washington justified it on national security grounds.

Many trading partners have interpreted this move negatively. Russia called the decision illegitimate and promised to work through all the possible response mechanisms.

In late may, Moscow has already notified the WTO about the possible introduction of duties on 537,6 million dollars a year on American goods. In June Oreshkin said that the country will impose duties on shipments from US road construction equipment and other goods, but the drugs will not be among them.