Russian government employees and students since July 1, will be released in «the World»

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis in photobacteria cards of the national payment system in the World. Archival photoRussian government employees and students since July 1, will be released in «the World»© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis the image Bank

Government employees and students from 1 July will not be able to receive payments from the state on cards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard — their salaries and scholarships will now be listed on the card «the World».

This transition will not be painful because during the four years of sanctions, Russia created its own robust infrastructure that caters for almost all state employees of the country.

For seniors, the law provides a transition period of two years on completion of the validity period of their card will change the card «the World».

Conversations on necessity of creation in Russia of a national payment infrastructure were long, but the authorities have moved from words to action in 2014 after because of the sanctions Visa and MasterCard cut off Russian banks from its systems.

Went ahead

Thus, the required holders of the «World» become soldiers, doctors, teachers and all officials, including state Duma deputies, senators, and the President and the Prime Minister.

The head of the Duma Committee on financial markets Anatoly Aksakov said RIA Novosti that all of the deputies on this map moved ahead of schedule — in June.

«Card «the World» already converted about 95% of public sector workers, and this number is increasing daily. Banks continue to work with the clients under payroll projects to comply with legal requirements,» — said RIA Novosti in the press service of the Bank of Russia.

Mass transition of state on the card «the World» began last year, according to the Bank, at the end of the 2017 card was used almost 17 million workers.

The main part of public sector employees who receive payments on cards of the savings Bank, have already received the card «the World» is 10 million people, said RIA Novosti in the press service of the largest Russian Bank.

«At the moment the vast majority of projects, the employees of the budget organizations, has issued a map of «the World.» The transition to card «the World» takes place in a regular mode», — have confirmed in a press-service VTB.

However, the national system of payment cards (nvqs) has set itself the task until mid-2020 to issue about 70 million cards. Just today released 37 million cards «the World», which is almost 15% of the total number of cards in Russia. More than 150 banks emit these maps, nearly 350 are members of the system.

«Peaceful» life

To receive payments on the card «the World» of public sector employees should write at the place of employment statement listing wages. If the money is transferred to cards of other payment systems, in accordance with the new rules, the Bank will not be able to allow the transfer of funds to these accounts.

In this case, the Bank will be forced to return the money back the organization, if the recipient within 10 days personally will not provide to the credit institution disposal about where to enroll. In addition, during this period, he can get the money cash in your business.

For pensioners the situation is simpler: the «World» they will go until July 2020, they retain the right to choose the way of receiving pensions: home delivery, in cash or from the account of any Bank.

For this category of citizens, the card will be free. According to the Pension Fund of Russia, the pensioners in the country, there are 43,6 million.

For the rest of the public sector the cost of service is determined by the terms of the agreement with the Bank, frequently the costs were borne by the organization itself.

The FIU has repeatedly stated that in connection with the entry into force of the law to worry seniors about.

«Go to card «the World» gradually. Current retirees who receive pensions and other social payments on the cards of other payment systems, card «the World» will be given at the expiration of the current validity until July 1, 2020. Thus, the transition to card «the World» on payments will not affect» — said the press service of the FIU.

However, the law provides some exceptions for certain payments from the state to have the card «the World» necessarily, for example, tax deductions, maternity capital and other benefits that a citizen receives less than once per year. Do you need a map and for persons permanently residing outside the Russian Federation, diplomats and employees of intergovernmental organizations.

Disaster will not happen

RIA Novosti interviewed experts confirmed that the banking system is ready for mandatory transition of state employees to the «World» as all deadlines were marked for a long time and not become for the market unexpectedness. Nvqs added that to withdraw cash from the card «the World» can at any ATM and pay for goods and services wherever accept any cards.

Outside of Russia, «Mir» already taking in Armenia, negotiations with other participants of the Eurasian economic Union and countries that are often visited by tourists from Russia.

However, the transition of state employees to the «World» — scale project, so a few technical difficulties are inevitable.

«Perhaps there will be setbacks, but they will be associated mainly with the correctness of the bills providing new budget unit in the provision of the statement on the transfer of payments», — says Director of retail business Department SDM Bank Anna Stekolnikova.

«These dates have been known since last year, so the transition will not be as catastrophic as it may seem. All change gradually, just left those who, for whatever reason delayed» — agrees Chairman of the Board of NP «national payment Council» Alma Obaev.

«The collapse in the payment of salaries for June 2018 will not happen as most of the state and okololegochnykh structures transferred their employees to card «the World» at the end of 2017,» said a banking analyst of «Expert RA» Ivan Uklein.

Healthy competition

A major international payment system agreed that healthy market competition with the arrival card «the World» will ultimately create benefits for the customer, however, expressed readiness to defend market positions.

Visa stressed the partnership role of the Russian company, which helped her to successfully implement mobile payments.

«Card «the World» is our competitor, but the market growth is 15-20% a year the emergence of another player should not be hard to frighten or upset them. Competition is great for everyone involved. If you remember, that only 35% of spending on the cards happens in the outlets, what does this mean for us? We and other players have a place to turn,» — said in an interview with RIA Novosti General Director of Visa in Russia Catherine Petelin.

MasterCard agrees that the presence of a large number of participants will enable the cashless payment market to develop successfully.

«We have been working in Russia for more than 20 years, it is one of the priority markets for our company. We have, as before, there are interesting products, services and solutions for the most different categories of clients, including suggestions for those working in budget sphere», — said the head of MasterCard in Russia, Alexei Malinovsky.

Obaev of the «National payment Council» believes that the only inconvenience for cardholders, «Peace» is the absence of an extensive loyalty program like foreign competitors.

However, nvqs did not intend to confine the public sector and working on their own loyalty programs. The head of nvqs Vladimir Komlev in an interview with RIA Novosti said that it is planned to make on the basis of «the World» universal travel for a number of Russian cities, actively introduce cashback, contactless payments develop and expand geographic coverage. He is confident that after 2020, the «World» will become a commercially successful project.

«We see that the demand for the card «the World» is growing, facilitated by the widespread acceptance network in Russia and loyalty program, allowing simultaneously to get the bonus from the Bank and from partners NBTS», — concluded VTB.