Sobyanin thanked the volunteers of the staff for the work done

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotomancer of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Archival photoSobyanin thanked the volunteers of the staff for the work done© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

The candidate in mayors of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin thanked the volunteers of his campaign headquarters for a job well done during the collection of voters ‘ signatures.

Earlier, the head of the electoral headquarters of Konstantin Remchukov announced that in support of Sergey Sobyanin collected over 50 thousand signatures, of which about 39 thousand is planned to provide a mothersurname 2 July.

«Thank you to all the volunteers who collected signatures. It’s a big, difficult, very important job. I’m with you look at these signatures, Mesirow leaves, I would say that this is not such a simple thing, but besides the fact that it is partly formal employment, certification of these signatures, look at the names of people you don’t know, and started getting excited, because it is the people who gave their signatures, held. It is very important», — said Sobyanin during a visit to his campaign headquarters on Saturday.

The mayoral elections will be held in the capital on September 9. Moscow election Committee June 4, started reception of documents for the nomination of candidates.

Nomination documents previously provided 31 candidates, including the head of the district Taganskaya Ilya Sviridov from the party «Fair Russia» eks-the Deputy of the state Duma Vadim Cumin from the Communist party, head of Krasnoselsky municipal district of Moscow Ilya Yashin, head of the farm, businessman Herman Sterligov, head of the capital municipal district Krasnoselsky Ilya Yashin, the leader of the party «Green Alliance» Alexander Zakondyrin, from «Civil initiatives» Dmitry Gudkov, Mikhail Degtyarev from the liberal democratic party. His candidacy was proposed by acting mayor Sergei Sobyanin, who intends to participate in elections as the independent candidate.

For the registration of candidates in mayors to 18.00 July 3, you need to provide to the electoral Commission 110 signatures of municipal deputies to overcome the so-called «municipal filter», and the independents, in addition, you must provide 36081 signature of voters.