Special status: Kravchuk called method «return» of Crimea to Ukraine

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To return the Crimea to the Ukraine could provide the Peninsula’s special status, said in an interview with «Obozrevatel» ex-President Leonid Kravchuk.

According to him, Kyiv received a «not very reasonable», at one time giving Crimea the status of national and territorial autonomy. Kravchuk noted that the relevant amendments to the Constitution of the country is in the process of training.
«This means that the subject of power in Crimea are the Crimean Tatars,» — said the former Ukrainian President.

According to the census conducted in 2014, nearly 70% of the Peninsula’s population is Russian. Kravchuk did not specify how Kiev should deal with these people.

According to the former President of Ukraine, the issue of «return» of the Peninsula Kiev must be considered separately from the Donbass.

Voluntarily «return» Crimea to Ukraine

Earlier Kravchuk in an interview with «Ukrainian truth», said that Russia may voluntarily return the Crimea to Ukraine. Such opinion policies justified by «excessive costs» that are required for the Peninsula. While Kravchuk added that his «prediction» does not necessarily have to be fulfilled in the near future, and the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine, he said, will be the result of international pressure.

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya called the statement of Kravchuk wild and absurd utopia. «The statement of Mr. Kravchuk in the logic of commodity-money relations «buy-sell» betrays a disrespect to the people… it is Unlikely he does not understand that Russia never works,» she said.

In turn, Senator Alexei Pushkov expressed the opinion that Kravchuk dreaming. According to him, voluntarily give up Crimea was Ukraine itself in 1991, as the Peninsula was never Ukrainian. He noted that Crimea was part of Ukraine because of the political incident, and its inhabitants were never connected my future with this country.

The referendum in the Crimea

After a coup in Ukraine in 2014, the authorities of the Crimea held a referendum in which over 96% of respondents supported reunification with Russia.

Kiev and some Western countries have deemed the vote a violation of international law and stated that the region is Ukrainian, but temporarily occupied territory. The Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that the issue of affiliation of the Peninsula is closed completely.

The «Return» Of Donbass

Kravchuk in an interview with «observer» said about how Kiev could «return» the Donbass after the end of the armed conflict.

The first President of Ukraine stressed that in the Donbass «is completely missing all Ukrainian». According to him, in order that the region was part of Ukraine, the authorities should go the way of providing residents a special «organization of life», which would be different from the order existing in other areas.

«They (in the Donbass. — Approx. ed.), the philosophy of life is completely different. We need a huge effort to get them back,» — said Kravchuk.

He stressed that the Donbass is necessary to provide «local self-government with the emphasis on the autonomy» and to amend the Constitution, but the issue has proposed to submit for public discussion.