«The Dooley show» Kyiv has recognized the helplessness in front of Russia in the Azov sea

CC BY-SA 2.0 / Ministry of Defense of Ukraine / Hodov wirabuana two Malich artilerijska bronekater have varicosa morecruise boats. Archival photo«The Dooley show» Kyiv has recognized the helplessness in front of Russia in the Azov seaCC BY-SA 2.0 / Ministry of Defense of Ukraine / Hodov wirabuana two Malich artilerijska bronekater have varicosa more

Ukrainian naval forces can oppose the Russian fleet in the sea of Azov only the «absolute value». This was stated by Deputy Minister of Ukraine on Affairs of the «occupied territories» Georgy Tuka on air of TV channel ZIK.

Thus he reacted to the words of the Chairman of the public organization «Right cause» Dmitry Snegirev, who called the Ukrainian army «effectively respond» to the actions of the Russian military in the Kerch Strait with some «modern developments of the military-industrial complex».

«Show the absolute value? Our army at sea is the only absolute value. And you know it. We have nothing to resist the Russian military fleet,» said Tuck.

The situation in the Azov sea

The situation in Crimea deteriorated sharply in March, after Ukrainian border guards detained the ship «Nord», flying the Russian flag.

On Board were ten Russians, but Kiev considers them to be Ukrainians and accused of «violation of procedure for entry the temporarily occupied territory». Nine crew members were fined, the captain threatens till five years of imprisonment.

Against this backdrop, the black sea fleet command said it was ready to ensure the safety of navigation in the North-Eastern part of the Black and Azov seas.

«The aggressive actions of the Ukrainian Maritime border guards in international waters are not only a danger of seizure of the Russian courts, but also the formation of the present state of piracy,» — said the source RIA Novosti in the power structures of the Crimea.

Later it became known that the Russian ships to inspect vessels in the Ukrainian ports, and border guards detained several times Ukrainian poachers.

On may 4, the Russian border patrol ship «Amethyst» was detained in the Black sea Ukrainian fishing vessel «NMR-0041» (home port of Ochakiv), illegally mined flounder West of Cape Tarkhankut, in the exclusive economic zone of Russia. The ship and crew were taken to the Crimea, later on it was seized. Against the captain opened a criminal case on poaching.

«Wolf pack»

Ukraine is not the first time there are ideas to confront Russia on the sea. For example, at the end of last year, Ukrainian media reported that the Ukrainian Navy plans to use against the black sea fleet of the so-called «wolf pack tactics».

The term is usually used when talking about the tactics of pursuit ships submarines. German and American submarine was used during the Second world war.

In the Ukrainian version it is the simultaneous attack of several light armored.

«Wolf pack» means that we can throw six of them on a large enemy ship. At the same time he is not able to conduct many purposes and to fire on them», – said the commander of one of the armored Alexander Regula.

Other commanders of the armored expressed his readiness to attack the Russian gas rigs in the Black sea, as Russian radars, in their opinion, is not able to detect the «wolf pack».

In the state Duma noted that this idea is doomed to failure.

«Of course, all this so-called «pack of jackals» the whole crowd is able to pounce on the ship, guarding the tower. But the result of the battle is predictable, because after 10-15 minutes there, the plane will fly su-30, which is several tens of kilometers even fall in the small boat,» — said the Deputy from Sevastopol Dmitry Belik.

He added that Ukrainian plans to create a «mosquito fleet» for sabotage against oil rigs and attacks on Russian ships can be called a sea robbery.

Former Baltic fleet commander Admiral Vladimir Valuev said that the new tactics of naval forces of Ukraine has no prospects of actual combat applications and can strike solely on the budget of the Ukraine.

«The goal, no matter how small it may be, always «under the umbrella» — with the provision of antiboat, anti-submarine, air defense of the black sea fleet. The existing four in the battle of the Ukrainian «mosquito fleet» armored will be destroyed long before the start of pre-launch preparations missile strike weapons,» said the Admiral.

On ships no money

In recent years, the naval forces of Ukraine have serious problems. Old ships are gradually coming down, and a new not enough money.

«The Dooley show» Kyiv has recognized the helplessness in front of Russia in the Azov sea© AFP 2018 / Genya Savilov»Give pennies.» As the Ukrainian Navy dies without genetic, in early June the commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Igor Voronchenko said that the budget has no money for the construction of a series of a Corvette «Vladimir the Great».

According to him, it was planned to allocate UAH 1.3 billion (51 million dollars).

«Stating a fact: like all public men to sign the resolution, but means believe after he signed. Is a letter just two weeks ago that no state funds are concerned,» — said Voronchenko in the air Other.TV.

He added that he had asked for this matter to the MPs and the President. Now the Ukrainian authorities are trying to find funds.

«As you wish, but one billion 361 million hryvnias give to the fleet,» said Vice-Admiral.

According to him, the industry employs about nine thousand people, about two hundred enterprises and foreign partners, who are waiting for the green light.

If the government will not find money, the military shipbuilding industry of the country faces a «point of no return,» said Voronchenko.

«The Dooley show» Kyiv has recognized the helplessness in front of Russia in the Azov sea© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Podocyturia tactics