The fire area in the plant in Tallinn has increased tenfold

© Fotolia / WellphotoПожарные work at the scene. Archival photoThe fire area in the plant in Tallinn has increased tenfold© Fotolia / Wellphoto

Estonian rescuers on Saturday continued the fighting started on Friday of a fire at the plant for the production of fuel from waste in the street of Suur-sõjamäe in Tallinn, the fire area has increased ten times, according to Rescue Department of the Republic.

«The fire is under control, but as the roof collapsed and the supporting structure was weakened, firefighters can’t operate everywhere. For help called partners with special equipment. If on Friday evening, the active area of the fire was 100 square meters, on Saturday morning the work is carried out on the territory of 1000 square meters», — stated in the message of Department published on the social network Twitter.

The fire was rated the third category of complexity of the four. Rescuers made measurements of air, any toxic substances that threaten human health, were found, but the inhabitants of nearby houses is not recommended to open the Windows.

Earlier, the fire at the station sorting of garbage on the street Suur-sõjamäe occurred 27 April, when its area was 3500 square feet. Another great fire on the neighboring property occurred on the night of 26 may, when ignited stockpiled between the two hangars debris, and the flames spread to both buildings.