The foreign Ministry commented on the calls of the US to the EU about the failure of «Nord stream — 2»

© Photo : Nord Stream 2 / Axel SchmidtТрубы for the construction of the pipeline Nord stream — 2. Archive photoThe foreign Ministry commented on the calls of the US to the EU about the failure of «Nord stream — 2»© Photo : Nord Stream 2 / Axel Schmidt

In the EU understand that Russia is a guarantor of energy security of the continent, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Alexander Grushko.

He commented on the situation around the «Nord stream — 2» and the sounding out of Washington requirements for the Europeans to refuse to participate in this project.

«And if we talk about the American ambitions to provide such security, then today in the European gas balance, the share of U.S. raw material is only about two percent,» — said Grushko.

He noted that some countries are trying to politicize economic cooperation in order to either extract a specific dividend, or to strengthen the position of Western unions.

«We always proceeded from the fact that the basis of the energy cooperation should lie with economic factors, it is necessary to ensure that the maximum depoliticize such cooperation, to exclude the impact of any geopolitical factors,» — said the Deputy Minister.

The U.S. had repeatedly urged European countries to stop participating in the «Nord stream — 2» and threatened sanctions for those who do not go for it. So, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the United States is actively working with European States and businesses to convince them to abandon the construction of the pipeline.

«Nord stream — 2»

The project «Northern stream — 2» involves the laying of two gas thread with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year off the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany.

For the construction of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 must obtain permission from four countries. Germany, Finland and Sweden have already given them, but the Danish authorities on June 27 announced that it may delay the implementation of the project.

Against the «Nord stream — 2» are some countries, primarily Ukraine, which fears to lose the income from the transit of Russian gas, the US is promoting ambitious plans to export its LNG to Europe.

In addition, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland jointly stated that they do not approve of the construction of «SP-2». Their leaders believe that it is a political project.

Russia has repeatedly urged not to take the pipeline as a tool of influence. According to Vladimir Putin, Moscow refers to the project solely as an economic.

The full text of the interview is available on the website at 12:00 GMT.

The foreign Ministry commented on the calls of the US to the EU about the failure of «Nord stream — 2»«Nord stream – 2»