The transport Ministry has promised to consider the introduction of «black lists» of brawlers W/d

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotosensasi a second-class carriage. Archival photoThe transport Ministry has promised to consider the introduction of «black lists» of brawlers W/d© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The introduction of «black lists» of passengers in aircraft is justified, and the possibility of their application in trains is still necessary to evaluate, told journalists the head of Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation Eugene Dietrich.

«We see that today this kind of measure (the so-called «black lists» – ed.) begins to be applied in air transport. We believe it is absolutely justified. Limitations in movement on the territory of the Russian Federation is a very harsh measure, and rail transport in this case gives the opportunity to those who have got in «black lists» Aviatorov to somehow move around the country. So we need to approach this carefully,» said Dietrich.

Thus, according to him, it is necessary to develop measures that motivate a person to behave properly and not violate the rights of others. «Should it be «black lists» or any other measures we are now discussing with the Railways. They must not violate the rights of our citizens, but also to protect those who can influence the behavior of actions», — said the Minister.

Russian airlines from June 4 had the opportunity to compile «black lists» of actions and to deny them transportation for one year. The basis for inclusion in the «black list» are the fulfillment of the orders of the commander of an aircraft (section 6 of article 11.17 Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences); disorderly conduct on Board (article 213 of the Criminal code); actions that threaten the safe operation of the aircraft (article 267.1 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation).