Protection Wyszynski appeal against the decision of the Ukrainian court

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Protection of the head of RIA news Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky appeal to the court of appeal the decision of the Kherson city court about prolongation of arrest till September, 13, said Wednesday RIA Novosti lawyer Vyshinsky Andrey Domansky.

Earlier, the court in Kherson has extended the detention period of Wyszynski for another two months — until September 13. Domanski at the meeting asked the court to release journalist under his personal guarantee.

«Yes, there will be an appeal,» said Domanski, answering the question, does protection to appeal the decision of the court of appeal.

Employees of the security service of Ukraine may 15, burst into the office, where correspondents of RIA Novosti in Kiev, they carried out a search, which lasted about eight hours. At the same time in Kyiv detained the head of RIA news Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky. He is suspected of supporting the breakaway republics of Donbass and treason. The court in Kherson on may 17 arrested Wyszynski of 60 days without possibility of bail. The defence appealed this decision in appeal court of the Kherson region, however, the court of appeal refused.Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Wyszynski was arrested «for his direct professional activities, for exercising his journalistic functions» and stressed that the arrest of Vyshinsky — «absolutely unprecedented and totally unacceptable policy of the current Ukrainian rulers, it should be appropriately reflected in the reaction of the journalistic community and international human rights organizations.» He also expressed the hope that it will be possible to secure the release of Wyszynski, including by means of pressure on Ukraine in international organizations.

The OSCE representative on freedom of the media, Harlem Desir expressed serious concern about the actions of Ukrainian authorities in relation to RIA Novosti Ukraine in Kiev. He recalled that, «in accordance with the Helsinki final act, the participating countries of the OSCE have committed themselves to promote conditions that will enable journalists from one participating country to conduct their professional activities in another.»Protection Wyszynski appeal against the decision of the Ukrainian court© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Policystat dissent