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The acting Governor of Yamal inspected repair of roads in Salekhard – Russia news today

The acting Governor of Yamal inspected repair of roads in Salekhard

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The acting Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YANAO) Dmitry Artyukhov inspected the progress of works on improvement and repair of roads in Salekhard, said on Wednesday the government of the region.

He examined a number of important public utilities, road management and improvement. The detour began with the streets of Republic where now there takes place the replacement of road surfaces stone mastic asphalt.

«This coating has proved its worth we have in the city. It is highly durable, resistant to the formation of ruts and is suitable even for heavily trafficked roads», — reported Artuhova the head of administration of Salekhard Ivan Kononenko, whose words lead the local authorities.

Artyukhov noted that the County today is very technologically advanced in the field of repair of roads. «Application of advanced technologies in several times prolongs the service coverage. It withstands our harsh climate, and those cryogenic processes, which take place every year on the Yamal Peninsula», — quotes the words of the government of the region.

Among the objects examined by the Commission, several relate to the field of landscaping and construction is a part of the project to develop a comfortable urban environment. At the monument a «Mammoth» equipped observation deck, convenient Parking and places for recreation. On the street Chapaeva to the end of September 2018 appears sports complex with playgrounds for mini football and basketball, outdoor exercise equipment and a children’s area.

A large part of the allocated program funds in Salekhard invested in the transformation of public garden with landscaping of adjacent territories and the pedestrian zone. It is the object ranked first in the final vote of the regional project «Living in the North». «One of the favorite places of the townspeople will join with the Park near the registry office, will also increase the pedestrian street of Lenin. There will be a comfortable lounge area with decorative floor lamps and benches, antiqued», — stated in the message.