The experts identified the challenges facing the new head of Federal alcohol market regulatory service

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotomontagen the stand with the wine. Archival photoThe experts identified the challenges facing the new head of Federal alcohol market regulatory service© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

The new head of Rosalkogolregulirovanija (PAP) Igor Aleshin will have, rather, to improve the management of the alcohol market, rather than to change it, consider interviewed by RIA Novosti experts. It is also important that he came to a post of the head of Department from another industry, and this sector knows well.

A decree on appointing Igor Alyoshin head of the RAR instead of Igor Juana was published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday. The former head of the Department dismissed at his request; the Federal alcohol market regulatory service said RIA Novosti that he left his post in connection with transition to other work.

Chuyan was appointed head of the PAP in January of 2009 — immediately after the formation of this service (it was established at the end of December 2008). In turn, Aleshin headed «sojuzplodoimport» since December 2009. In 2008-2009, he worked in the «Rosspirtprom» (first Deputy General Director, then — head of the enterprise), and from June 2007 until November 2008, headed «Moscow plant «Kristall».

State FKP «sojuzplodoimport» was established in April 2002. The company is the owner of several trademarks for alcoholic and alcohol-containing food products. In particular, the «sojuzplodoimport» owns the rights to such well-known alcoholic brands as «Capital», «Moscow», «Russian».

Global tasks are solved

The head of the Center of researches Federal and regional alcohol markets (tsifrra) Vadim Drobiz noted that in those less than 10 years, which Chuyan was headed by PAP, the service was able to solve major problems. «There has been a globalisation of the alcohol market, in the market there are only large operators,» he says.

The second important aspect of Ministry — the launch of the Unified state automated information system (EGAIS) the account of volume of production and turnover of alcoholic products.

The Chairman of the National Union of consumer protection (NSZPP), head of the Center for national alcohol policy development Pavel Shapkin recalled that trying to run USAIS were made in the mid 2000-ies, however, then the authorities are faced with a large number of technical problems and failures.

«This time was able to realize a huge project, which works across the country without crashing,» he says. In addition, according to Shapkina, RAR during operation Cuana could provide a multiple of the growth in excise revenue from the alcohol industry. «On the other hand, activities Cuana associated with the Stripping of the alcohol market: the total number of market participants has decreased about three times,» adds the source.

Besides Shapkin, the Net is now subject to the Finance Ministry, and major decisions on the regulation of the alcohol market can be made precisely by the Ministry. Drobiz agrees: the basic problem of the existence of a large illegal alcohol market — the high cost of legal products, and the decision of this question is not the prerogative of the PAP.

«No more global tasks before the office are not. The fight against illegal market, which is put in front of the Net and security agencies, now goes to slow mode», — said the expert.

People from the industry

President of the Union of alcohol producers Igor Kosarev noted that the new head of the PAP in the industry for quite some time. «Aleshin is well versed in matters of the market. I work with him quite a long time together, he is a decent, reliable person,» he says.

Director tsifrra also draws attention to the fact that Alesha came to the PAP from the alcohol industry. «Most importantly, it met succession. Mr Alyoshin aware of everything happening, he was the subject, and not just in the subject of financial — he has the administrative knowledge, knowledge of the market. And his main task is to support the market in the same condition in which it is,» says Drobiz.

In General, experts agree the new head of the Agency, need rather to improve than to change the rules of the game on the market. «The appointment Aleshin evidence that the policy of the PAP as a whole will be saved,» — said the head of the information centre WineRetail Alexander stavtsev.

He agreed that the main outcome of the Net during Chuana — creation and launch of USAIS. «The PAP will continue to administer this system, but most importantly a revolutionary change has been done, and I think that the role Aleshin will be in maintaining the system and its development, to more technical issues,» the expert adds.

«On the other hand, requires liberalization of the procedure of obtaining licenses for alcohol production, wholesale and retail trade. Why is this needed? Otherwise, the market in General will go out of control in the sphere of self-made production,» he continues. For example, citizens are stepping up their own production of alcohol for himself and not for sale.

According to Shapkina, need to move away from the goal of reducing the total number of market participants towards the legalization of the manufacturing sector. «There must be a balance between the fiscal interests of the state, and the interests of businessmen, in order to avoid distortions neither in that nor in other party» — said the expert.

In turn stavtsev of WineRetail hopes that RAR together with the new head will be more closely involved in the issues of the wine market. «Vodka on the market situation is clear, the state largely controls the market for alcohol has seriously strengthened the manufacturers,» he said.

«The situation in the wine market requires a slightly different. Good to have the major manufacturers, but must be the wine farms of different levels, including small. It is on the small wine farms holds the world high-quality winemaking. While farmers have received little of the licenses, quite a lot of technical issues that arise from winemakers in the process of obtaining a license, the administration USAIS. All of this will sort out the new Manager RAR» — said stavtsev.

«We hope that the new leader will pay more attention to the development of winemaking in Russia. And — that a new leader will appear understanding that wine is not vodka, but a product of agriculture, and with it the need to work differently than vodka,» — said RIA Novosti President of the Union of winegrowers and winemakers of Russia Leonid Popovich.