In Moscow condemned the police, who have cut the sugar in seized drug

© RIA Novosti / Ruslan KrivobokIn Moscow condemned the police, who have cut the sugar in seized drug© RIA Novosti / Ruslan Krivobok

Two employees of the patrol service of the Ministry of internal Affairs convicted for abuse of office after slipped the detainee is sugar a drug, said on Thursday the Moscow Prosecutor’s office.

«Butyrsky district court of Moscow pronounced a sentence on criminal case against the now former police patrulno-sentry duty OMVD the district Lianozovo g. Moskvy Alexei Tappin and Evgeniya Tolstova,» — said in a statement on the Agency’s website.

The court found that in February 2017 Tappin detained the inhabitant of Moscow, a suspect in possession of drugs, and upon inspection found a bag of powder. Deciding that the weight of the withdrawn men of substance may be insufficient for criminal prosecution, he called Tolstova, who advised a colleague to fill up the sugar in the seized substance, which he did, said the Prosecutor’s office.

After that, the police handed over the seized material and other documents to the body of inquiry OMVD the district Lianozovo to criminal prosecution. However, forensic examination showed the presence of sugar as an impurity.

«By their actions the police undermined the authority of the police, the rude and essentially violated the legitimate interests of the rights of the citizen and the interests of society and the state», — stated in the message.

The court sentenced for abuse of office and abetting the abuse of office Tappin to 1.5 years, and Tolstova – to 1 year of imprisonment in a General regime colony.

Verdict in force has not entered.