Doctors said that a solar Eclipse affects chronic disease

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A solar Eclipse affects people with chronic diseases, but does not affect mental health, told RIA Novosti the doctor-the therapist Lyudmila Lapa and a doctor-psychiatrist, Pavel Beschastnov.

Earlier it was reported that on Friday there was a partial Eclipse of the Sun in which the Moon has closed one-third of the solar disk.

«Different people have different this (solar Eclipse) carry, but it affects the status of chronic sick people, they feel weakness and fatigue, because they do not have enough ultraviolet light, which supports them in life. Ultraviolet light is always a joy, always the sun, and if it is less, the person feels and appears weak. This is especially the hypertensive, hypotensive,» said Lapa.

She explained that during the solar Eclipse, the flows are not as usual, and therefore there is a deficiency of ultraviolet light. People with chronic diseases during the blackout should be timely to take medication that they appointed a doctor, to stabilize condition.

While Beschastnov sure that Eclipse does not directly affect the mental state, if people do not give yourself installation. «No, the psyche can not influence. Only the stereotypes and misconceptions in this field can influence a person», — he said.

Beschastnov said that since the beginning of human history people have had plenty of subjective views about the world, especially those related to astronomical events, they might notice and give them a different meaning — it eclipses the stars. «It is clear that we are not talking about astronomy, and it is about human psychology. Man, such a belief gives an explanation that makes his life for him, the same is more understandable, even if it’s the illusion of control,» he said.