Doctors told about the benefits of oranges for healthy eyes

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Eating at least one orange a day reduces the chances of degeneration of the retina and for other eye problems, doctors say in an article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

«Even if you eat oranges and citrus fruits only once a week, even in this case, eye health will greatly improve. The collected data show that the flavonoids contained in the pulp and peel of oranges, protect the retina from degeneration,» says Bamini Gopinath (Bamini Gopinath) from the University of Sydney (Australia).

Today most scientists believe that diet and certain foods have a strong influence not only on the weight of the person, but also on the health of the brain, blood vessels, heart and other key organs of the body. For example, recently scientists have shown that drinking large quantities of olive oil and Mediterranean food significantly lowers the chances of dying from a stroke or heart attack, and excessive amount of salt in food, on the contrary, worsens the health of the heart and blood vessels.

A few years ago, according to Gopinath, she and her associates noticed that the natural antioxidants contained in oranges and other citrus fruits, are beneficial to the health of the cells in the retina of rats and other laboratory animals.

This gave them the idea to investigate how a diet with a high content of such substances will affect the condition of the eyes of several thousand elderly and young people, lived last 15 years in Sydney and other Australian cities.

In addition to the share of citrus in the diet of these people, scholars interested in and what other sources of flavonoids such as tea, apples or wine, they eat and is there any difference in their action.

As shown by these observations, eating at least one orange a day reduced the likelihood of partial or complete retinal degeneration by 60%, and other sources of flavonols reduced the risk for considerably smaller values of about 25-30%.

Today, as noted by Gopinath and her colleagues, retinal degeneration affects one in every seven elderly person. Therefore, they suggest regularly eat oranges and other citrus in his youth in order to best protect yourself from problems with his vision in the distant future.