Expert linked the growth statistics of HIV in Moscow with the inclusion of data on migrant

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The increase in the incidence of HIV infection in Moscow is associated with the inclusion of data Migration center and increase the incidence of diseases among migrants, which previously were not included in these statistics, reported RIA Novosti Director of the Institute of health organization and medical management of the Moscow Department of health David Melik-Guseinov.

Earlier, the Ministry of health published a statistical compendium, according to which in Moscow for 2017 was 20.4% more cases (2.9 thousand) of infection with human immunodeficiency virus than in 2016 (2.4 thousand).

«First and foremost I must say that we are talking about detection. The increase of the detection rate only indirectly says that can be common epidemiological rise. Secondly, recently in Moscow began to work an Immigration centre that has centralized information about the health of visitors. After this centralization of information, which previously were not included in the official sources, has become public», — said Melik-Guseinov on Friday.

He explained that according to published last year statistics, the number of HIV-infected migrants coming into the capital for labor patents in the last five years has increased by 15 times.

«In addition, a six-fold increase in the number of migrants suffering from tuberculosis. Since 2012, the Moscow doctors 40 times more often began to find syphilis among migrants. To detect HIV and other diseases help the laboratory staff on the basis of the multifunctional Migration center in Moscow», — said the Director of the medical institution.

In the Central research Institute of organization and Informatization of healthcare of the Ministry of health also reported that the increase in the number of patients with HIV is associated with the improvement of statistical observation. «The growing number of patients with first time established diagnosis of HIV infection in a number of subjects of the Russian Federation, including in Moscow, is associated with the improvement of the statistical observations of interagency cooperation and due to the inclusion in the form of Federal statistical observation of 2017 information about the number of patients from other agencies, including agencies of the Federal penitentiary service», — stated in the message Department.

He stressed, however, among the residents themselves, the incidence decreased by 3.8%. «HIV Russia really is one of the most important problems, but to spread panic and produce pedophobia in any case impossible. People living with HIV are no different from ordinary people. They have the same rights and opportunities. The life expectancy of people with HIV is almost not different from those who are this status has not. The main objective is prevention and proper provision of medicines and the responsibility of people for their health. Such liability laws do not prescribe», — concluded the doctor.