Experts appreciated the idea to allow turntables and cotransport on vydelenku

© RIA Novosti / Artem Jitendrasharma dedicated lanes for public transport in Moscow. Archival photoExperts appreciated the idea to allow turntables and cotransport on vydelenku© RIA Novosti / Artem Zhitenev

The proposal to allow for dedicated lanes in Moscow for municipal vehicles, tourist buses and vehicles with disabled persons, pensioners and veterans is the right and reasonable and equitable, according to respondents RIA Novosti auto.

As told RIA Novosti the Metropolitan Department of transport, in 2019 in Moscow may be allowed to move through dedicated lanes to transport people with disabilities, veterans and seniors, two storey buses and municipal vehicles. This decision, according to the forecasts of the authorities, will have a positive impact on transportation safety and will reduce accidents, since, according to statistics, in dedicated lanes the buses are 15-20% less likely to get into accidents than in the General stream.

The head of Federation of automobile owners of Russia (HEADLIGHTS) Sergey Kanaev believes that the admission of tourist vehicles on leased — very positive and useful thing, especially in the current season, when the country hosts the world Cup.

«I believe that it is absolutely worthy to use the allocated bandwidth. I especially like the initiative to permit the passage through it to double-Decker buses, because it is very difficult when the tourists come, and they are still stuck in a traffic jam. After the championship it will be very important because this season should be used. It will be an added advantage. As for utility equipment, and she now rides on a dedicated lane, so this will not cause any negative emotions, they really will be less in the way of motorists,» — said the channel.

However, in his opinion, motorists will not feel the effect of the innovations.

«The roads especially will not unload. Strip it is still empty, it moves public transport. If it will be used for the appointment of a large number of transport — it’s very good, but to say that the owners somehow feel that cleared the road — of course not,» said auto expert.

The Director of the center for the study of transport problems of megacities Konstantin Trofimenko also reacted positively to the idea. In his opinion, to allow the utilities equipment, which serves the city, to use the lanes is a reasonable solution.

«If you take a whole day, dedicated lanes are not always overloaded, maybe only at peak hours, and they are empty, so to give the chance not to stand in traffic jams and tourist buses, which are becoming more the right decision. Previously it was a very small niche, but now with the increase of tourists, they became very much, and it is for them to be very convenient,» he explained.

Trofimenko also supported the proposal be allowed to move on the idea of specially transport persons with disabilities that, in his opinion, is socially just.