Experts told, what to expect from the meeting between Putin and trump

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The forthcoming meeting of presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump in Helsinki may work positively for the relationship of the two countries, the American leader will try to show some advances to Russia but about the breakout or the «reset» of the question, consider interviewed by RIA Novosti experts.

Analysts say that while a very wide proposed agenda of the negotiations of common ground in the positions of the two countries are almost there: at the General backdrop of bad relations there are no threads where it would be possible to find some common approaches.

The style of negotiations will remain traditional for both leaders, experts expect to see expressive, dramatic trump and cautious, courteous Putin.

The presidents of Russia and the USA are scheduled to meet on 16 July in Helsinki. In the Kremlin reported that Putin and trump will discuss prospects of bilateral relations and topical issues of the international agenda.

Advances to Russia for political gain

According to the head of the Center for economic and political reforms of Nikolay Mironov, for trump, it is important to prevent the rapprochement between Russia and Europe, which became possible amid tense relations between the US and the Old world. He noted that in this regard, the meeting of Russian and American leaders logically could be affected by the theme «Northern stream».

«It is important for trump to back Europe with Russia, not closer. He needs somehow to divide us … So any advances from trump will be. Not accidentally it went from that to statements about the Crimea. But how America can change its position on key issues, there are big doubts» — said the expert.

The analyst explained that it is necessary to separate rhetoric from fact. «Rhetorically trump can make a lot of interesting statements, it naturally falls in the tops news, but, in fact, will something change? You can not sell rhetoric instead of specific cases. Trump is trying to create the impression that relations with Russia can be established, but most likely it aims to prevent the rapprochement of Russia and Europe», — said Mironov.

The political scientist, member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies Alexei Zudin inclined to believe that the upcoming meeting «we need Trump to a greater extent than Putin.»

«Secondly, trump goes into this meeting with a strong desire to extract from it political advantage. This means that it focuses on success, a semblance of success, he can at home profitable to sell, to present to the American voters and elites,» the expert added.


According to analysts, from trump’s possible to wait for any extravagant steps, including in relation to Russia. Mironov has reminded that the American President has changed much in US foreign policy: the changed attitude to the Iranian deal, there are serious adjustments to Europe, so trump is to be expected really unpredictable steps.

«The last time his rhetoric was contradictory. Suddenly he’s talking about the Crimea in a positive way, then he is outraged that Russia has so much money it receives from Europe for gas. In this sense, it is difficult to identify a definite meaning in everything», — he said.

«The Americans have the interest of strengthening relations with Russia, but do not know how it will outweigh the foreign policy that emerged under Obama, that is, the isolation of Russia and non-recognition of any of its interests,» — said the expert.

According to political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov, the us President «is not something that can, and will lash out a whole slew of sharp and most likely unpleasant things,» but to pay attention to them not worth it.

«Trump is always the same: he is rude, abrupt, self-righteous, constantly emphasizing their success, regardless of reality. It will be in this situation,» he said.

The Russian leader against this background, as the expert believes, «with his usual tact, most will take a wait — quiet, polite, neat; listen carefully». But talk about some lines of rapprochement, according to him, before.

The agenda is broad, but the General approach there is not what

Experts expect a fairly broad agenda of the meeting, but no breakthrough agreement. Mironov believes that one of the topics discussed at the meeting of Putin and trump could be the middle East agenda, which includes the Iranian issue and Syria.

«In America today there is a need to regulate relations with Russia in the middle East. This is one of the most important areas of US interests. Tensions with Iran do not understand the position of Europe, so for better States, so that Russia remained neutral, did not support Iran… But we have our own interests in the middle East there is the issue of Syria,» — said the analyst.

In his opinion, in connection with a new round of middle East issues associated with Iran, Russia will not remain indifferent, and this topic in the public sphere or behind the scenes will be played in Helsinki.

Kuznetsov said that in the rhetoric of the trump of the last time you’ll see its rather rigid attitude, this is indicated, for example, the recent statements in Europe about the need to stop to buy Russian gas.

«The agenda is broad, in General, it is all clear: it’s Syria, Ukraine and energy prices, Iran, North Korea. The agenda is broad, but no breakthrough on any of these areas will not be achieved», — said the analyst.

Key – the meeting itself

On most issues, the positions of Russia and the United States diverge sharply, Zudin admits, pointing out, however, that the key to the upcoming meeting – the fact of the meeting, because the value of personal contacts between the leaders in a situation of very bad relations between the two countries is large.

«There is a contradiction in what you expect from this meeting when discussing the agenda. On the one hand, rightly emphasize that the shared objects to which it would be possible to find a common approach, there is not. Because on most issues the parties take opposing positions or long positions,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

However, he reminded that recently there were reports that Afghanistan could fall into the agenda of the meeting; the analyst did not rule out that in this thread «can be found some vzaimousilivat decisions.»

As to the meaning and consequences of future talks at the highest level for the relationship of Russia and the USA, the experts in views did not agree. According to Kuznetsova, in terms of the possibility of warming relations «and nothing more».

At the same time, Zudin, speaking about the prospects of the meeting, is inclined to take a moderate optimism.

«The relationship is so bad that any contacts, especially contacts of the first persons is always a plus,» — said the expert.

However, the analyst advises not to forget that gone are the days when the position of President of the United States wholly coincided with the position of States in General and the position of NATO was decisive for the allies. Therefore, a positive value in the case of trump not necessarily automatically going to work to improve relations, he said.

«I think it would be correct to use the phrase «with high probability, this should positively work.» And, of course, you shouldn’t use words like «discharge», «thaw», a «reboot». All the words are from another era and can now only lead the side,» explained Zudin.