«Gazprom» has built 66% of the offshore section of Turkish stream

© Photo : TurkStreamСимвольный weld bead, which marks the end of the campaign for laying marine pipelines of the first line of Turkish stream. Archive photo«Gazprom» has built 66% of the offshore section of Turkish stream© Photo : TurkStream

«Gazprom» has built 66% of the offshore section of Turkish stream by two threads, the report said «Gazprom».

«At the present time by two threads laid more than 1,230 miles of pipes, which is 66% of the total length of the offshore section of the pipeline,» — said in the message following the meeting, the Chairman of the Board «Gazprom» Alexey Miller and Ambassador of Serbia in Russia slavenko the Terzic.

«The sides discussed issues of bilateral cooperation. In particular, it was about the export of Russian gas to Serbia. It was noted the security of supply and growth of demand in the country. According to preliminary data, from 1 January to 12 July 2018 the volume of gas export to Serbia amounted to 1.2 billion cubic meters, which is 5.3% more than in 2017», — stated in the message.

«Also at the meeting was discussed about the ongoing Serbian side measures to develop the national transmission system. In addition, the meeting touched upon the projects implemented by «Gazprom» in Serbia», — stated in the message.

The project «Turkish stream» involves construction of a pipeline, consisting of two lines with capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters each. The first line is designed to supply gas to Turkish consumers, the other for the gas supply countries in South and South-Eastern Europe (term of commissioning — 2019). Gazprom is considering options for the continuation of the «Turkish stream» through Bulgaria and Serbia, or through Greece and Italy.