In Rospotrebnadzor explained why we can’t put mushrooms in plastic bags

© Depositphotos / severinovaГрибы. Archival photoIn Rospotrebnadzor explained why we can’t put mushrooms in plastic bags© Depositphotos / severinova

The CPS advised not to collect mushrooms in plastic bags or bags, and when cooking thoroughly washed in water and cleaned from the ground, reported on the Agency’s website.

«To avoid mushroom poisoning, remember that you can’t collect mushrooms in buckets, plastic bags or bags, because it may cause spoilage of mushrooms», — stated in the message.

The Ministry said that we should not gather mushrooms near the roads and highways, to buy mushrooms in places of unauthorized trade. In addition, to avoid poisoning, do not try the mushrooms during picking. It is worth considering that the mushrooms cannot be stored in the heat — it is a perishable product. To cook mushrooms you need on the same day, each kind need to cook separately. Not marinated or salted mushrooms in galvanized ware and glazed earthenware dishes.

«To neutralize conditionally edible mushrooms, they need to process — to clear the land, a good rinse in water and then soak or boil,» — said the CPS.

The Ministry added that you need to carefully monitor children during the walk, because in children, not yet of the required amount of enzymes to digest mushrooms. That is why children up to 14 years old are not recommended to feed any mushrooms.