In Russia under the guise of fans brought Nigerians without return tickets

© RIA Novosti / Viktor to Vytaskivanii in photobacteria and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the Russian Federation Steve Davis, Ogba. Archival photoIn Russia under the guise of fans brought Nigerians without return tickets© RIA Novosti / Viktor to Vytaskivanii the image Bank

The Ambassador of Nigeria to Russia, Steve Davis, Ogba said that Nigerians who arrived in Moscow with a void return tickets, promised in Russia and brought into the country under the guise of fans.

Now fifty-seven Nigerians are about the Embassy in Moscow. Most of them spent the night. As the correspondent of RIA Novosti, Nigerians are sitting on the pavement and the fence around the Embassy, many dressed in winter clothes, wrapped in blankets. The situation is controlled by the police standing next to a bus leased by the Embassy.

On Friday afternoon, to the Embassy arrived the Ambassador of Nigeria. The audience welcomed him with applause, he shook hands shook hands with all compatriots.

«You cheated, you were promised work in Russia under the guise of fans on fan ID brought. But it is illegal in Russia has its own laws about employment that must be respected. You will not be punished, the Embassy will not abandon you, we will provide you with all the assistance you will be sent home,» announced the Ambassador of the audience. They responded with applause.

According to the Ambassador, the next few days Nigerians will spend in hostels who will pay for the Embassy. Now Nigerians are getting on the bus to go there.

Earlier, the leader of the organization «Alternative» Oleg Melnikov, fighting the illicit movement of people, told RIA Novosti that, according to their calculations, only in Moscow can be from 200 to 400 citizens of Nigeria who came to Russia under the guise of fans, but really — in the hope to find a job. According to him, among them women, who were promised education and a job, but actually were forced into prostitution. According to Melnikov, Embassy of Nigeria attracted his organization to help the citizens.

«In Nigeria promised a job, said that no work-no problems. Someone even promised to arrange in the Russian football team. For that they for $ 300 sold the fan ID’s, collecting money for tickets. It’s a famous Nigerian fraud scheme,» Melnikov told reporters.

However, upon arrival to Russia it turned out that migrant workers is not expected. In addition, their return tickets, we need to show them on the Russian border, was cancelled by the fraud.

According to Melnikov, the Embassy paid hostels for two days.