In the only village on Bering island will be able to apply online cash

© Photo : public domainПоселок Nikolskoye. The commander Islands. Archive photoIn the only village on Bering island will be able to apply online cash© Photo : public domain

The adoption of the law on the extension of the spheres of activity where optional application of kontrolno-cash technics (KKT), will allow traders to the Aleutian district in Kamchatka Bering island to maintain the existing outlets and will open up new, since the use of online banks there difficult due to the lack of fast Internet and harsh weather conditions, told RIA Novosti employee of the press service of the legislative Assembly of the region.

The President of Russia on 4 July signed the Federal law expanding the spheres of activities that do not require the mandatory use of CCPS, the relevant document published on the official portal of legal information. The document is aimed at optimization of the new procedure for the application of the CCP, which assumes the transfer of fiscal data to the tax authorities online when you conduct certain types of activities. The law, in particular, provides for an exemption from using CCPS in remote areas.

Aleutian district — the smallest in Russia, located on Bering island, the distance to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is 775 miles. Severe weather conditions lead to a lack of regular flights from the regional capital, supply and delivery of goods is provided by water, the delivery time is limited, no well-functioning Internet.

«After the adoption of the law, the organizations and individual entrepreneurs in the Aleutian district has received the right not to apply online cash register when accepting cash payments, subject to the issuance of the buyer (client) at the request of the document confirming the fact of settlement. This, in turn, will allow to exclude possibility of closing the existing trade points on the territory of the Aleutian district and will contribute to the opening of the new» — said the Agency interlocutor.

He explained that one of the amendments to the law that reflected the interests of the residents of the village of Nikolskoye on Bering island, offered members of the Legislative Assembly of the Kamchatka territory.

«The essence of our amendments is the classification of administrative centres of districts, which is the only settlement of the area, to remote or inaccessible areas. In such areas, the outlets may not apply kontrolno-cash technics in the online mode under condition of granting to the buyer (client) at the request of the document confirming the fact of settlement between the organization or individual entrepreneur and the buyer. In Russia, only one such town — village Nikolskoe, Aleutian district, Kamchatka region, which is also the administrative centre and the only settlement of the Aleutian district,» — said RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Committee on budget, tax and economic policy, issues of ownership and entrepreneurship of the regional Parliament Vladimir Ageev.