In the state Duma called for the equipping of first aid kits in aircraft with defibrillators

CC0 / StockSnap / On Board samoleta BoardIn the state Duma called for the equipping of first aid kits in aircraft with defibrillatorsCC0 / StockSnap / On Board

Modern defibrillators are very easy to use, and to save the life of a person even without medical training, they must return the aircraft kits, said the head of the expert Council for medicine of transport at the state Duma Committee on health protection Leonid Ogul.

Earlier the General Director of «Aeroflot» Vitaly Saveliev said that the defibrillators that were in the kits, designed for professional therapists on Board, fell under the ban.

«A system based on a transport should be, including on airplanes. Indeed, in the absence of a doctor among the passengers during a heart attack nothing is going to help the person to survive. To save the man with sudden cardiac arrest is no more than 10 minutes. The modern ANDES is an automatic external defibrillator, assembled in a small box, including scissors, disinfectant napkin, gloves, mask for artificial respiration and razor. The ANDES is needed if a person has had a sudden cardiac arrest,» said Ogul RIA Novosti.

He explained that the most common cause of cardiac arrest is ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation — cardiac arrhythmia, when the electrical activity of the heart is, and right cuts, through which the heart pushes blood. The result is a stagnation of circulation, that is, clinical death. When you use the ANDES, two electrodes are applied to the chest, electrocardiography apparatus holds and understands, you need is the shock to stop fibrillation and allow the heart to begin beating in the right rhythm. If the discharge is needed, the device notifies a voice, and even the occasional lifeguard, not a doctor, can click, the Deputy explained.

According to him, last year the question of fitting the ANDES of Russian airports, airplanes, train stations, trains, clinics, shopping centers, the deputies began to work together with the Ministry of health and Ministry of industry and trade. The Deputy noted that in many countries, automatic external defibrillators placed in public places.

«Russian airlines has recesses for installation of defibrillators. And they must not be empty, I think. Anything that can help in the salvation of man, must be present at the transport,» said Ogul.

However, he also agreed with the current system, in which on Board is three types of kits: the first aid attendant for first aid, first aid kit for emergencies and a first aid kit only for professional doctor who can be in the cabin.

«Right, that in the installation plan to allocate a special kit for the doctor as there are medications to correctly apply which can only be a doctor. I myself faced similar situations, I happened to help people during the attack. But, on the other hand, the passengers may not be a doctor or nurse. And then what? Second question, how can I check whether the doctor is a man masquerading as a doctor. This also can happen. But in General, with a special first aid kit for the doctor’s exactly right,» said the Deputy.