In the Ural Institute of cardiology has created a unique «coronary passport»

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Noumenally cardiologist of Sverdlovsk region, Jan Gabinsky demonstrates the unique coronary passport, created in Ural Institute of cardiologyIn the Ural Institute of cardiology has created a unique «coronary passport»© RIA Novosti / Alexander Naumenko

Ural Institute of cardiology has created not having analogues in the world coronary passport — electronic medical document that reflects the state of cardiac activity allows you to assess the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases and prevent the development of heart attack, reported RIA Novosti chief designer of the project, the Director of the Institute and chief cardiologist of Sverdlovsk region, Jan Gabinsky.

«Coronary passport is dynamic observation of the condition of the blood vessels of the heart throughout life. As well as appear in your passport over the years, changing our picture has changed over the years and the condition of our coronary vessels, their permeability. These changes and picks up our technology,» — said Gabinski.

The project, which is carried out under a public-private partnership, supported by the government of the Sverdlovsk region, contributing in 2018 on the project about 50 million rubles in the framework of the regional program «Health of the Urals», which helped to give the residents of the region for 3.3 thousand coronary passports.

«Coronary passport contains information obtained during the clinical examination. Implementation of the project in the Sverdlovsk region completely fits into the logic of our plans, aimed at preserving and improving medical care. After all the work done in the region, has the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of Ural residents, ensuring their comfort and well-being,» commented RIA Novosti the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region Yevgeny Kuyvashev.

The head of the region emphasized that the mass introduction of such passports will allow to improve the prevention of cardiovascular diseases to identify such diseases at an early stage, and, therefore, to preserve people’s health.

«Many people are not even aware that they may have cardiovascular problems. During the pilot project, we examined the 3.3 thousand people, and 57% of them revealed heart problems, and they never sought medical help for this reason. About 18% of the patients were in that condition when they had to be hospitalized and to adjust the operation of vessels,» added Gabinski.

Chief cardiologist of the region explained that coronary passport is a plastic card including a flash card with the corresponding data in order to in case of emergency in any country in the world able to provide immediate medical aid using the information on his coronary condition. The passport also includes a kind of «health traffic lights» where each color represents the coronary status. Green indicates no hazard, yellow moderate risk, and red — serious threat, requiring immediate hospitalization.

«Over this breakthrough digital technology, doctors, scientists, and programmers of the Ural Institute of cardiology working six and a half years. The technology is patented in Russia and USA. This unique technology should be extended to the whole country, as it allows for personalized prevention, and while this innovative technology no one else in the world,» said Gabinski.

According to him, the patient will be able to obtain a passport in just a few hours, after which he will have to choose an individual treatment program. In addition, individual program will determine the exact date when the patient will need to come on reception to the doctor. If the color on the «traffic light» green come to the consultation need in five years. If the patient has complaints, he will be able to consult a doctor over the Internet.