In Transbaikalia has announced the fifth week a storm warning

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Epanchintseva in fotoracconti MOE on the flooded in the floods the street in Chita. 11 July 2018In Transbaikalia has announced the fifth week a storm warning© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Epanchintseva the image Bank

New storm warning — the fifth in a week — announced in the East Transbaikalia because of the flooding, according to the website of the regional meteorological centre.

«On the night of 14 July in places in the Eastern half of the region are expected very heavy rains, heavy rains. On 13 July on the river NERCHA, the city Nerchinsk expected the passage of the peak of the flood,» — said in the message.

According to the MOE, who leads the meteorologist, on the Shilka river near the village of Ust ‘ -Karsk expected sharp rise in water level in the dam above the village.

Floods in the areas of Transbaikalian edge began July 8 in Chita is the strongest flood since the beginning of the history of observation — 1936. Flooded in five regions of the province and the city of Chita remain 14 settlements, 237 residential units with a population of 2068 people, including 289 children, 5 adjoining areas of multi-storey buildings, 711 gardens, as well as 1992 suburban area 21 suburban co-op.

In the region introduced a state of emergency, set up operational headquarters for emergency response, compensation for the impact of floodwaters from the regional budget allocated 53 million rubles, part of which will go to compensate the victims — 10 thousand rubles per person. In Transbaikalia there remains the group of rescuers from different regions of Siberia, they all dispersed like points in the aftermath of the floods, and in those places where the disaster is predicted. The rise of the water level, according to the regional meteorologist, recorded on two rivers, the municipality of Chita in connection with the rise of the Ingoda asks truckers to leave their homes.