In Transbaikalia the rescuers liquidate the consequences of dam failure

© RIA Novosti / Vyacheslav Recouperate in fotobanka in the Khabarovsk regionIn Transbaikalia the rescuers liquidate the consequences of dam failure© RIA Novosti / Vyacheslav Recouperate the image Bank

Rescuers at the Sretensky district of the Transbaikalia help to eliminate the consequences of flooding in the village of Ust-Karsk Candlemas area, above which the dam had burst, said to RIA Novosti in the press service of the regional emergencies Ministry.

«The Baikal rescue squad and employees of «Zabaikaliye», advance to the village Ust ‘ -Karsk, working on elimination of consequences of flooding is 29 kilometers from the village upstream of the dam burst gold miners,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

As a result of incident 24 private home flooded, is being evacuated.

Temporary accommodation is defined in the forestry building, school, library.

According to the MOE, in the village beforehand was conducted to inform about the possibility of flooding of SMS messages, as well as over the speakerphone.

Floods in the areas of Transbaikalian edge began July 8 in Chita is the strongest flood in the history of observations since 1936.

In the region introduced a state of emergency, set up operational headquarters for emergency response. In Transbaikalia there remains the group of rescuers from different regions of Siberia, they all dispersed like points in the aftermath of the floods, and in those places where the disaster is predicted. Weather forecasts are unfavorable in the region declared the fifth week a storm warning.

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