In Voronezh «fast» for three days could not get to a hospital pensioner

© RIA Novostima helpIn Voronezh «fast» for three days could not get to a hospital pensioner© RIA Novosti

The consequence checks the information that «soon» for three days, couldn’t diagnose and to be hospitalized 82-year-old man in the Voronezh region, who was diagnosed with a stroke, informs on Friday the regional Department of the RF IC.

«Organized a procedural check on the message in the media that three days 81-year-old local resident called the employees emergency medical care his 82-year-old wife, who complained of feeling unwell,» the statement reads.

According to the media, who leads the investigation, all three days the doctors came to call, after examining the man, «are unable to diagnose and refused to hospitalize him in the hospital.» On the fourth day, when the condition of the pensioner worsened, wife called ambulance assistance.

«Arrived health workers took blood, did an EKG, and brought the man to the hospital, where was diagnosed with a stroke. At the hospital, the pensioner was given proper medical treatment, and the patient went to the amendment», — informs a consequence.

In the course of the preliminary investigation will establish all the circumstances of the incident.