Israel plans to send second astronaut in space expedition

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Israel plans to send second astronaut in space expedition, it became known after promulgation of the program of stay in the country Director of the American space Agency (NASA) Jim Bridenstine, writes

It is reported that during the visit, which began on 12 July, the head of NASA will meet with the Minister of science of Israel by Ofir Akunis and the leadership of the Israeli space Agency (ISA). It is planned to sign a number of cooperation agreements between NASA and Israel in the field of space and research, the Israeli side also intends to raise the issue of the participation of the second Israeli astronaut in space expedition.

The first flight of Israeli astronaut ended in disaster. In 2003, all of the multinational crew of space Shuttle Columbia, which included Israeli Ilan Ramon, were killed while returning from space.

According to observers of the local media, the interest of the Americans to new space programs of Israel increased particularly after the recent statements by the Israeli company SpaceIL about the preparation for the launch of a lunar Rover in December 2018.

A number of publications reported that the Director of NASA intends to sign an agreement that extends the cooperation with the Israel space Agency.

According to information released earlier in American and Israeli media, NASA conducted a test developed by the Israeli company StemRad suit to protect astronauts from radiation. Suits will be tested on mannequins in deep space to test new spacecraft Orion in 2019. According to journalists, the testing means of protection from cosmic radiation is carried out with a view flights to Mars.

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