Matvienko criticized the work of the head of the Federal forestry Agency

© RIA Novosti / Anton Denissowitsch forest. Archival photoMatvienko criticized the work of the head of the Federal forestry Agency© RIA Novosti / Anton Denisov

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko expressed outrage that Russia continues illegal logging and it is difficult to find the responsible for the protection of forests, and expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the head of the Federal forestry Agency Ivan, a Valentine, urging him «instead of tempering forest regions».

The upper chamber on Friday and discussed amendments in the Forest code of the Russian Federation in terms of improving forest reproduction and afforestation. Earlier, the speaker visited the TRANS-Baikal region during a business trip in the regions.

«Let’s discuss why the continuing illegal logging, particularly in the TRANS-Baikal territory, why not the system works. Let’s connect the police, the interior Ministry», — said the speaker, addressing to present at the meeting, the head of the Federal forestry Agency.

The Senator asked him who is responsible for the protection of forests from black lumberjacks.

«As a rule, it is the responsibility of the regions», — said Valentine.

Matviyenko expressed dissatisfaction with this answer, and the fact that the head of the Federal forestry Agency is not aware fully about what is happening in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. «Instead of the holiday walk in forest regions,» she said.

The Federation Council speaker also wondered whether Valentine «post, he has all the powers and willingness» to perform his duties.

«It seems that not everyone in our state are interested in establishing order in this sphere», — said the Chairman of the upper house.

Matvienko has charged to profile Committee of the Federation Council on agrarian policy and environmental management for the fall hearings with discussion on possible improvement of the legislation in sphere of forest protection.

The Deputy head of the budget Committee Sergei Ivanov reminded that the law powers for the protection of forests entrusted to the regions. «Maybe you need to put the question of the return of these powers to the Federal level», — said Ivanov.

According to the lawmakers, 80% of the forests are in Federal ownership.

The Deputy head of the legislation Committee Maxim Kavdzharadze also noted that the Forester, which gets 5 thousand rubles per month, limited in the ability to prevent large-scale deforestation by loggers in black.

In addition to decisions to discuss the legislation in this area at the fall hearings, Matvienko invited the Rapporteur on the law of the Deputy head of profile Committee Vladimir Lebedev «with an ax to walk from the forest to the administration of the province or Vice versa,» and see what will be this reaction. The Senator has requested a formal submission from the chamber, so as not to get in trouble with law enforcement.

Valentine in response to criticism of the situation in the forest sector reported that each region has its own forestry Department. «There is a state forest inspectors, now their number amounts to 24 thousand people,» — said the official.

The necessary staffing level of inspectors — 39 thousand, he added.