Mick Jagger sang, «Lord have mercy» in the Church of St. Basil

© RIA Novosti / Igor Megaliterature in photomontagist rock band the rolling stones Mick Jagger. Archival photoMick Jagger sang, «Lord have mercy» in the Church of St. Basil© RIA Novosti / Igor Megaliterature the image Bank

British musician Mick Jagger, who came to Moscow for the game between England and Croatia, strolled through red square, visited St. Basil’s Cathedral and listened to the Church choir about it RIA Novosti said the Director for development Bosco Constantine Andrikopulos, who accompanied the musician while walking on red square.

The next day after the English defeat in the game against Croatia with Jagger and his son Lucas went on a tour of red square and St. Basil’s Cathedral.

«Jagger, his son and entourage quietly walked from the hotel to red square. No hype was not observed. No fans, a few people already on the red square got to know him, but they’re just numb, didn’t know yet. While walking talked about football, about Moscow. Mick expressed his regret that the British not held in the second half, but what is a game, and Moscow, where he is not the first time, he loved it, in particular, wide sidewalks, which did not exist before,» — said Andrikopulos.


Publication from Alex Taylor (@alextaylor_moscow) 12 Jul 2018 8:47 PDT

According to him, Basil Jagger went without son Lucas decided to take a walk in their program. «Tourists in the temple recognized him, so there has already occurred a revival of the bustle, the output Mika was waiting for the crowd of fans of his work. To be photographed on the street, he with anybody did not, autographs are also not allowed. Back to the hotel had already taken the car,» said Andrikopulos.

The Agency interlocutor also said that the temple Jagger very much, the musician said that he is very beautiful and it felt «the true spirit of Russia.» «We listened to the Church choir, with a chorus that Mick was photographed,» added Andrikopulos.

One of the singers of the choir told RIA Novosti that Miku they played the Greek Catholicos Ilia II — the prayer «Lord have mercy».

«The obvious interest he showed, his face expressed nothing. He listened briefly, took photos and left. It seemed to me that he did not understand what was happening. Here a few days ago came to us the father of the goalkeeper of Iceland, which he sang in the choir – he understands what it’s about, I’m very maternal. And one senior person from Asia generally began to cry,» — told RIA Novosti singing.

According to the Andrikopulos, Jagger will remain in the capital until the world Cup final.