«My son was born purple.» Who should be responsible for medical errors

© Photo : personal archive Anastasia Egorovoy Anastasia Egorova in a hospital room«My son was born purple.» Who should be responsible for medical errors© Photo : from personal archive Anastasia Egorova

The baby died due to the negligence of obstetricians, Dr. during the surgery is forgotten in the patient, the glove, the judge of surgeons, to heal the death of a pensioner, — news feeds filled with reports about medical errors. Come down to the fact that the Investigative Committee decided to establish a special unit to investigate such crimes. In the medical community in response to complain about the biased attitude and deterioration of working conditions.

«Begged me to do a C-section»

A resident of the city of Gusev, Kaliningrad region Anastasia Egorova lost my son two years ago, but tears can not hold back now. «The whole pregnancy I was observed in female consultation, the tests were good. On the 40th week I gave a referral to the hospital. I like a decent woman gathered her things and on the same day, came there. Important: it was 24 December 2015. In the hospital I was not very happy. Now I understand that they did not want to work prior to the January holidays,» she says.

Two days later, Anastasia was put in a labor room and pierced the SAC. «I was put on a drip, her blood pressure and pulse. I spent half a day. Contractions were not, then they sharply started, but the opening remained small. I wanted to eat, drink, but the doctors at me was not paying attention. Only occasionally approached the head of the maternity Department. So after a few hours, I begged: «Make me a caesarean section!» But to me, nobody cared,» — says Egorov.

For comparison: in the first half of 2016 to the investigating authorities did 2516 reports of crimes related to medical errors and inadequate health care, initiated 419 criminal cases. In 2015 victims of iatrogenic crimes recognized by 888 people. Due to medical errors and poor medical care killed 712 people, including 317 children.

In the Russian legislation the concept of «medical error» there is no such term in the Criminal code. Case often excited in connection with causing death by negligence (article 109 of the criminal code), causing of heavy harm to health through negligence (the article 118 of the criminal code) and aiding and abetting (article 124 of the criminal code).

One of the most resonant in recent years — the case of the doctor-hematologist Elena Mishurina. In 2013, she spent her bone marrow in a patient with multiple complex diagnoses. The patient died shortly thereafter. According to investigators, he died because of an error Misurina — she was able to pierce the vessel with a needle.

In January 2018 the hematologist was sentenced to two years in prison. This provoked sharp criticism from doctors and a number of officials. In total, 16 April the Moscow city court overturned the verdict.

She remembers that belly every day swelled all the more, and on 13 November it was really bad, constantly losing consciousness: «I like the fight started. I called my mom, said do not respond to me. Evening oral Department. When my mom came, the nurse began to resent that extraneous marking in the house. Mother raised a terrible scandal. Only then I was again taken to the operating room, the head of the Department decided to make a new puncture and see what’s wrong with me. At the second operation it was found that during the first intervention, I have punctured the small intestine developed peritonitis…»

Kurmanova said that as a result of repeated operation on the abdomen left a scar, and traces of six punctures. Now she has a new operation — because of all this, she developed an incisional hernia. In Kamensk-Uralsk to go to the hospital she doesn’t want, and turn in Yekaterinburg — eight to twelve months. Julia appealed to the court for the recovery of damages. The insurance company has documented delayed diagnosis and inadequate quality of treatment but in the hospital the blame does not recognize. What happened puncture the guts, set examination, said in a conversation with RIA Novosti lawyer Kurmanova Yulia Mayorova.

Overload and burnout

Experts say that tougher laws will only worsen the situation — from health care professionals go. It is clear that doctors make mistakes is not malicious intent, but because of the difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of inattention. Repressive measures are unlikely to help. An endocrinologist, a representative of the League for the protection of doctors Olga Demicheva calls the two main causes of medical errors: «first, there were complex — comorbidities — patients with multiple interrelated chronic diseases. We now, fortunately, learned how to prolong the life of the disabled. When the health of their getting worse, to treat them harder the risk of errors above. The influence of drugs in such cases is difficult to predict».


The second reason she believes the reduction in time allotted to the reception of the patient. «In the clinic is allocated for one person is about 12-15 minutes. There had been a principle of quantum satis — as needed. Of course, there was a plan, specific load, but the space is still there. Today, the load in the hospitals is large enough. Doctors quickly burn out, decreased concentration, missed details,» explains Demicheva.

Professor of St. Petersburg state University, Chairman of the Association of medical law of Saint-Petersburg Igor Akulin believes that the reduced level of medical training. According to him, now the young people after six years of training go directly to the clinic. «This is not enough. Statistically, 25-30% of errors occur in ambulatory and in hospital this drops to five to nine percent. It often happens that the hospital’s been running the patient was diagnosed incorrectly for a long time transferred the patient from the GP to the specialist and so on,» says the source.

Akulin adds that in connection with heavy loads is enhanced and emotional burnout of medical workers. «The surgeon should take seven to eight people, a therapist five or six people. Of course, it’s a lot, the more often experts are working overtime — he concluded. Doctors do not have time to adapt to stress, hence their indifference.»