Near Krasnoyarsk «black archeologists» found a rare ancient burial

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«Black archeologists» found near Kansk of Krasnoyarsk region the burial of one of the peoples formerly inhabiting Siberia, told RIA Novosti in Krasnoyarsk Museum of local lore.

«Was found axe, copper objects, beads, a copper hook for quiver. The finds date back to the XVII-early XVIII centuries. This is a very rare burial is one of the peoples that formerly inhabited Siberia», — said the Agency interlocutor.

The burial belongs to the people of cotta, who lived in southern Siberia, said the Museum. Already in the mid-nineteenth century there were no more than five native speakers of the language. Further cottas were assimilated by Russians and Buryats.

The representative of the Museum also said that the excavations carried out so-called «black archeologists» whose activities are officially banned. Science Museum staff convinced them to hand over the findings. Soon the artifacts will be studied, and after you can see them in the exhibition companies.