Near Tula have freed the kidnapped owner of the agricultural holding «Orlovskaya Niva»

© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Hinakura in fotoracconti Riot of Regardie. Archival photoNear Tula have freed the kidnapped owner of the agricultural holding «Orlovskaya Niva»© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Highacidity the image Bank

Security officers released in the Tula region kidnapped the eagle of the owner of Agroholding «Orlovskaya Niva» Sergei budaqov and arrested his kidnappers, said on Friday the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Oryol region.

Budaqov kidnapped on 10 July. Near the gardening Association located on the territory of the Factory district of the city of Orel, the unknown stopped the car Lexus LX 570, which drove Budagov, got in the car and with are there businessman and driver arrived in the area Luzhkov cemetery. There the driver was tied up and left in the car, and budaqov force put into his car and drove away in an unknown direction. The abduction of the businessman criminal case.

«In the course of carefully planned and conducted special operations on the territory of Tula region, the whereabouts of Sergei budaqov, which is currently with the power support of SOBR of the Directorate of Regardie in the Tula region released. The threat to his life and health are not there,» the message reads.

According to the SC, involved in his abduction of the person detained. As explained RIA Novosti the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the Oryol region Julia Dorofeeva, for the liberation budaqov the kidnappers demanded 20 million rubles. She also added that while the delayed part of the thieves, the sting continues.

Investigative team works at the place where the attackers held budaqov. The complex of investigative actions and operational-search actions, establish all the circumstances of the crime.

«Orlovskaya Niva» was established on the initiative of the local authorities in the 90-ies. As reported on the website of the agricultural holding, it is composed of a dairy complex on 1,2 thousand milch cows, a few factories, mills and bakeries. The enterprise employs nearly 3 thousand people.

According to online edition «the Oryol news», Budagov at former Governor Vadim Photoscom was involved in criminal cases, said the government attempt to seize his company and re-registered the company in the Tula region. With the appointment to the post of head of the region Andrey Klychkov, the businessman started the procedure of re-registration of the company back in the Orel region.