Poroshenko discussed with trump about his upcoming meeting with Putin

© AP Photo / Geert Vanden WijngaertПрезидент of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Archival photoPoroshenko discussed with trump about his upcoming meeting with Putin© AP Photo / Geert Vanden Wijngaert

Petro Poroshenko during the meeting with Donald trump at the NATO summit in Brussels discussed the upcoming negotiations with us President Vladimir Putin.

According to Poroshenko, the meeting to be held on 16 July in Helsinki, he does not expect any surprises, either optimistic or pessimistic.

Wish Trump

Before the summit in Brussels, the Ukrainian President expressed in his article for the Financial Times Trump the desire to return Putin to the «right path».

In addition, Poroshenko announced agreement with trump not to take decisions on Ukraine without the consent of the official Kiev. According to Poroshenko, Putin is waiting for the destruction of Ukraine, but this scenario will not be implemented ever.

Criticism from the Verkhovna Rada

The people’s Deputy Nestor Shufrich said that the President should learn from American counterparts to build relations with Russia despite the existing contradictions.

«It would be interesting to look at this meeting, especially after the lunch in Canada when trump called Poroshenko and the entire Ukrainian government is the most corrupt and that he doesn’t understand why she provided the money that eventually stolen,» he said.

According to Shufrich, Poroshenko would benefit to see the views of the European colleagues that, «to put it mildly, waiting for the departure of Ukrainian authorities.»

The summit in Helsinki

Negotiations of Russian and American leaders is scheduled for July 16, they will be held in Finland. As stated in the Kremlin, Putin and trump will discuss prospects of bilateral relations and topical issues of the international agenda.

These talks will be the first full meeting of the leaders of the two countries without reference to international summits.

Western countries accuse Russia of meddling in Ukraine’s Affairs. However, Moscow says that is not a party to domestic conflict and is interested in Ukraine overcame political and economic crisis.