RIVERS called to continue the search for the remains of victims of the Nazis near St. Petersburg

© Photo : photo courtesy of the press service Reklamny Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar and the head of the Russian Jewish Congress Yuri Kanner at an evening dedicated to the 20th anniversary of RIVERSRIVERS called to continue the search for the remains of victims of the Nazis near St. Petersburg© Photo : photo courtesy of the press service of the RIVERS

The Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) called on to continue the search for the remains of victims of the Nazis during the great Patriotic war in the town of Pushkin, Leningrad region, said in a release sent to RIA Novosti news Agency the statement of the President of the RIVERS Yuri Kanner.

Earlier, some media reported that in the course of work in the Alexander Park in Pushkin was discovered human remains with signs of violent death during the great Patriotic war. According to the preliminary investigation, the bones belong to two Jews shot by the Nazis during the occupation. In the Leningrad region during the Holocaust killed tens of thousands of Jews.

According to Kanner, the discovery in Pushkin are very important in order to try with the help of modern technical means to find and identify all the places of execution of Jews in the city in autumn 1941. They were shot in groups on the square in front of the Catherine Palace, also next to him. According to various estimates, it killed from 150 to 800 Jews who did not survive to anyone.

«For many years the RIVERS in conjunction with the Holocaust Center and the Evangelical Christians of Russia is implementing the project «restitute dignity» for the discovery of the remains of victims of Nazism, regardless of their nationality, and installing monuments in places of mass executions. In the project RIVERS is ready to provide organizational and financial assistance in survey works in Pushkin», — reads the statement of the Canner.

President RIVERS said that it is necessary to identify all the places of executions, to identify them and to establish memorials as possible, with instructions of names of the dead. «We are confident that the leadership of the Museum-reserve «Tsarskoe Selo», which we intend to work closely to support this initiative,» said Kanner.

In 1991, the Park at the Alexander Palace already was a memorial to the «Formula of sorrow». As recalled in the RIVERS, it was «the first memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, established in new Russia, the first in the former USSR, which indicated the nationality of the victims, which was the cause of punishment over them.» «Memorial has become the venue for the annual mourning, where the Petersburg public remembers all the victims of the Holocaust, including victims not only in Pushkin. Perhaps the stele with names of victims should be set here,» the statement says.

President RIVERS also noted that in January of this year at the initiative of the administration of the neighbouring Museum-reserve, Pavlovsk was opened a memorial sign there 37 executed Jews. «It is symbolic that the last shot was a Jew by the name of Pushkin,» added Kanner.