Roscosmos has attracted the entire industry, search of application of rockets «Angara»

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Roscosmos and enterprises of rocket-space industry are jointly looking for opportunities to maximize the use of carrier rockets «Angara» in the Russian space program, told RIA Novosti several sources in the space industry.

Earlier the General Director of the Russian space Agency, Dmitry Rogozin, in an interview with RIA Novosti said that he had set the task to stop the production of carrier rockets «proton» after the completion of the existing contracts. He further instructed to fly exclusively on «the Hangar». In addition, for break-even production are required to produce six missiles «Angara» in the year. In the current Federal space program until 2025 spelled out 14 rocket launches Angara — seven heavy and six light versions of the media. The number of launches in the interests of the Ministry of defense is unknown.

«Prospects for the use of rockets of family «Angara» was discussed during the closed meeting of representatives of enterprises and institutions of the space industry, Roscosmos, the Board MIC and other interested parties, held in Moscow on 11 July,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the discussion took place at the head of the economic Institute of the state Corporation «Rosatom» FSUE «Organization «Agat». In the meeting took part the chief designer for launch vehicles Alexander Medvedev, head of the scientific-technical light of the Russian space Agency Yury Koptev, the Chairman of the Board of the Military-industrial Commission Oleg Bochkarev and other professionals.

According to another source, this is the second but not the last meeting, which sought new opportunities for the use of missiles «Angara», to reduce their cost, establish mass production of media.

A third interviewee told RIA Novosti that the meeting was primarily devoted to the development of the financial recovery program of the manufacturer of the Angara rocket — Space center Khrunichev.

The Russian space Agency RIA Novosti reported that the event was closed and was devoted to discussion of operational issues.

The situation in the center of Khrunichev

The Khrunichev center last year reported net loss of more than $ 23 billion. The company has requested additional funding in the amount of more than 30 billion rubles on the improvement of production. Total liabilities of the company, as reported in the media, are currently almost 100 billion rubles.

In servicing of Bank loans, the centre spends at 4.5 billion rubles. The company is planning to sell owned land at Filevskaya floodplain in the center of Moscow to cover the losses.

It was also reported that the Khrunichev Center has begun staff reductions. At the Baikonur cosmodrome, the number of employees of the Centre will be reduced to 200 people. Warning of an impending dismissal began to distribute in the Moscow and Omsk offices. By 2025 it is planned to reduce the number of employees at the Moscow venue is more than 2.5 times, up to 1691 people.

How much is the «Angara»

In the feasibility study to the current Federal space program for 2016-2025 at the disposal of RIA Novosti, which is ready in 2015, it was stated that within 10 years it is planned to conduct 20 launches Angara — on 10 for military and civil programs.

Recently, Roscosmos announced that in the framework of the flight tests planned for six launches of rockets – three from Plesetsk and Vostochny. At the same time was not specified timeline for completion of these tests and will go to competition two to a 2014 launch from the Plesetsk. Earlier, the flight test program assumed 10 starts – six heavy and four light missiles. At the end of 2017, the Khrunichev Center announced it has orders for the production of 10 missiles.

As reported, the second launch of heavy Angara rocket is scheduled for 2018 but could be delayed for 2019.

In the feasibility study to the current Federal space program for 2016-2025 indicates that the cost of manufacturing the rocket heavy class «Angara-A5» is defined in 3.5 billion (at 2015 prices). The cost of a light version of «Angara-A1.2» is set to 1.3 billion rubles. While the cost of production of the rocket «proton-M», on change which is «Angara», the same document sets 1.4 billion rubles (in prices in 2017).

Carrier rockets of type «Angara» are environmentally friendly, as their engines run on kerosene and oxygen, without the use of highly toxic heptyl. All the family, designed in a modular type, comprises several classes of missile carrying capacity from 3.8 tons to 37 tons for launches from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, and in the future in the East. The family includes carriers of light class «Angara-1.2», medium — «Angara-A3», heavy «Angara-A5» (with modifications «А5М» (streamlined) and «А5П» (manned)) and high duty vehicles «Angara-А5В». Earlier it was planned that the rocket middle class «Angara-A3» will be created.