Sberbank and «Tinkoff Bank» launch a joint service by online translation

© Photo : courtesy of Sberbankiada division Payments and transfers of Sberbank, Igor Mamontov, the forbidden of the Board of Sberbank Alexander Torbakhov and Oleg TinkovSberbank and «Tinkoff Bank» launch a joint service by online translation© Photo : provided by Sberbank

Sberbank launches a joint «Tinkoff Bank» transfer service by mobile phone number in the near future announced the addition of the project to other Russian banks, told reporters the Director of the division of the «Payments and transfers» of Sberbank, Igor Mamontov.

«Today we together with the «Tinkoff Bank» launched the ability to transfer a phone number between clients of our banks», — said the representative of Sberbank, adding that the service will be paid the transfer fee from Bank to Bank is 1%.

According to him, the service allows cardholders banks using a mobile app to make instant transfer from card to card, knowing only the phone number. From today the service will begin to appear in mobile applications of banks on the systems Android and iOS clients in Moscow, until the end of July, the feature will be available to customers across Russia.

«Instant transfers of the savings Bank for the last couple of years become a real trend – it is easier, faster and safer than to send each other cash. Developing our services, we try to do the maximum to make life easier for people. Today begins a new stage in the development of translation – the new service will allow customers of the two banks to transfer money to each other as well just by phone number, how do they do it inside of Sberbank», – said Mamontov.

He said that in the future Sberbank plans to negotiate similar cooperation with other Russian banks. «Soon you will hear about other partners who the same system are joined,» — said Mamontov.

Russian banks are actively developing tools for online translation. In particular, the Association «FINTECH», which includes CBR and major Russian banks, is currently developing a system of quick payments, which should give the Russians the ability to quickly payments in a simplified form, including a phone number or email address. According to the Association, the industry solution, including integrating service payments through instant messengers will not be ready until 2019.