Scientists develop clothing capable of charging the phone

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Engineers from the University of Cincinnati in the United States working to create innovative woven fabrics of carbon for clothes that can charge various electronic devices, reports Science Daily.

It is noted that the basis for tissue taken carbon nanotubes are «grown» silicon on quartz plates in a vacuum chamber during a process called chemical vapor deposition.

In the result, the nanotubes form a fiber small square that can be turned into a textile fabric, stretching over the industrial coil. This thread is similar to the silk thread of a spider, and it can be woven into different fabrics.

According to scientists, carbon nanotubes from other materials has a number of unique properties: high strength, good conductivity, large surface area and high thermal stability.

Carbon fibers can be used in various devices ranging from sensors of heavy metals and ending with supercapacitors and batteries. Carbon nanotubes can replace copper wire in cars and airplanes, thereby reducing the weight of cars and improving fuel efficiency.

It is noted that the development of scientists interested in the US military. New fabric will be able to charge many electronic devices in the Arsenal of the soldiers, including flashlights, night vision devices and communication devices, and, thus, will give them a significant advantage in battle.

«In the past, metals were dominant in the production of goods, but I think that carbon will replace them in many areas. Will begin a new era — the carbon revolution,» says Professor mark Schultz, one of the leaders of the study.