The court of Belgorod fined 545 for hacker attacks on the website of the FSB

© Fotolia / Nicola De MitriПодбор password on the computer. Archival photoThe court of Belgorod fined 545 for hacker attacks on the website of the FSB© Fotolia / Nicola De Mitri

Oktyabrsky district court of Belgorod fined on 40 thousand roubles of a local resident who made 545 hacker attacks on the website of the FSB, said in court on Friday.

«The investigation established that the suspect being in the place of his residence, used a malicious software intended for unauthorized destruction, blocking, modification or copying of computer information, carried out 545 harmful impacts of type «SQL injection» against the official website of the FSB of Russia», — stated in the message.

As the court notes, thus the hacker was trying to find the vulnerability executable script, the character of its action qualifies as a computer attack.

The man admitted the guilt, repented, the damage his actions caused was not. The court also took into account the lack of complaints to him by the FSB and the fact that earlier in the criminal liability it was not involved.

«In such circumstances, the court has appointed to it a measure of criminal-legal character in the form of court penalty of 40 thousand rubles, which should pay in the period up to 12 August 2018», — informs the court.

In case of failure to pay the fine in the term established by court, the criminal case will resume.