The head of the Clover Group Denis Kasimov: the future of artificial intelligence

© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly in potencjalny Director of Clover group Denis Kasimov in the radio Sputnik at the St. Petersburg international economic forum 2018The head of the Clover Group Denis Kasimov: the future of artificial intelligence© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly the image Bank

About the latest trends in intelligent technologies, about artificial intelligence, which in the future will be able to solve completely different tasks ranging from the business to increase its profits and to what warehouse more steal, as well as other challenges of the century of the digital economy in an interview with RIA Novosti, Alexander Naumenko, the General Director of Clover Group Denis Kasimov:

— Times are changing, and the challenges remain the same as a hundred years ago — to be competitive, that is, to produce in demand products for global markets, not only for our country. Thus it is necessary to produce a quality product and inexpensive, that is, production should be super-efficient.

— Everyone is asking about technology, but I want to talk not only about them, but go to business solutions because the technology itself is wonderful, but when she «lands» in manufacturing, it ceases to be pure technology. That is, we now have produce a finished customized business solutions that are ready modern industrial problems to solve. If to transfer technology, they are known productive Analytics, machine learning, neural networks, machine vision. But, importantly, it is necessary to focus on business solutions.

What business decisions are you talking about?

For example, the challenge is to manage fleet, monitor the serviceability of equipment and make a prediction of its technical condition. This task must allow, first, to the company’s executives to see the entire Park equipment, rank it, in terms of risk. In addition, because the equipment becomes obsolete, they need to be managed. For example, the head of the fleet may not notice that a machine or any other equipment became worse to work, to consume more energy. Accordingly, he needs to exert management effort to change the situation. We can offer specific solution. For example, one that allows automated manage program repairs based on the current financial condition of the company. If we have 100 million rubles for repairs,and extensive equipment, the challenge, including how to effectively distribute these funds.

We can help with that. For example, in the workshop generated a list of equipment that needs to be repaired, as the technical regulations required to make repairs once every five years. All data is collected as planned services, for example, in Excel, and then converges in the management of the company. So the automated system repair taking into account its technical condition will allow you to save money and distributing them effectively.

A budget of 100 million rubles to repair, for example, not all the strength. Who can become potential customer of such content?

— Let’s give the narrow-minded example. There is a company that owns a fleet of 100 cars. It’s a taxi company or a transport company. They have laid the money on the repair. They know that a certain amount once a year for these purposes they have to spend. How they distribute the money? Sometimes equally, sometimes not — means obtains rukovditeli units who know how best to convince the leadership that is fundamentally wrong from the point of view of economic efficiency the entire company. You need to look at real data. For example, this car needs repairs right now, although technically the term did not come, because he «eats» too much petrol per 100 kilometers, which means losing money. Among our customers are the companies who own big machines, pumps, diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, electric trains, mining trucks is something that works and makes money, but at the same time wears out, gets old and breaks down. Therefore, I believe our product is more than relevant, it is necessary to prevent and damage, including.

In fact, our product can be called a kind of artificial intelligence, more precisely a program which is able to answer questions and to solve the necessary tasks. Have a database of users and the so-called Central server is the brain, where all information about equipment, temperature, current, voltage; all the technical parameters. Further mathematical brain processes the information. Using a set of mathematical models that simulates the operation of our brain, the work of the technologist, engineer.

The program is a certain way prompts the user, whether a machinist or engineer, hardware information a few days before his repair. If the user needs to change the spare parts or order brigade, the repair position, the program will be reported. Another user, for example, the importance of monitoring energy efficiency of equipment, and it needs to make a decision to reserve him out or to understand the problem and solve it quickly.

How Russian companies are ready to adopt such intellectually technologies?

— We see that customers are more ready for such a product. Similar proposals have competitors, and it’s great, as it creates a new market. If you evaluate the volume of business today, or rather, not on the number of contracts to talk about, but the units of equipment connected to mathematical brain, since some customers ‘ contracts for 5 million rubles, others — 200 million rubles. For example, we connected to the product 6,5 thousand locomotives, each of them is 10-12 knots, which transmit information, and thus obtained 65 thousand devices that transmit information.

What are your forecasts for the growth of the market?

— Yes, of course. First, you will notice that more and more of our customers make use of terms which we use in our activities. But two or three years ago, «predictive Analytics» or «prescriptive Analytics», which, in fact, is the main product from the point of view of business processes were almost a dirty word. The explanation started with the basics. If predictive is the level of equipment, prescriptive is the level of business. Set a new trend and now we speak the same language. Second, it increases our awareness. And it is also our goal. I go, I meet people who say: «We know were you stand.» It’s great, then we feasibly put their knowledge and skills not only in the market that is involved, but in the whole Russian industry.

What would you give the name to the market, which is now being formed and what is its main feature?

Is the market in General artificial intelligence. In our particular case, the predictive Analytics market. Artificial intelligence is a broader concept. We make artificial intelligence that meets, for example, to the question: «When you break the equipment?». But in the nearest expectant this artificial intelligence will be able to handle a wide range of issues. Our goal is that any employee could ask a question on their specialization. For example, an engineer asks: «Where is my equipment with a high degree of risk?», accountant: «where we most have to lose?», the Director of the trading house, «where most warehouses are stealing?», head of business: «How do I increase sales», and so on. And our program will be able to answer these questions. It always begins small, but the future for artificial intelligence, is able to automatically solve a wide range of tasks.